33 years BMW E30 cult: enjoy Jaschinski-Motorsport’s V8 Party!


For 33 years, the BMW E30 3 series has brightened up the streets of the world and even today, it turns the heads of numerous motorsport fans. But this rustic 3-series doesn’t even have to be a BMW M3. For many BMW fans, a 3-series with sharp edges and without electronic comfort functions is the ultimate ride.


Also, the Jaschinski’s, from the Northern German City Kiel, are addicted to the BMW E30. This goes for father Dieter as well as son André. While Dieter was going fast since 1980 with motocross, karting and even jet skis, he is now on the focused on the racetrack together with André since 2006. Means to an end, a BMW E30 – what kind of!


At the beginning, the two BMW fans earns their stripes with a E30 and line six-cylinder under the hood and in 2011 they decided to build up a new “track toy”. A 316i, which back then was an absolute wreck, found its way to Jaschinski Motorsport. Whenever time allowed, father and son built up the BMW from the body and prepared it consequently for the circuit racetrack.


As a 316i is not really made to win on the racetrack, the body was prepared for a major engine conversion. The four-cylinder did not have to move because of a S14 or even a M30B30 that was used a lot earlier, but a V8 made it in the end. The eight-cylinder also builds a little shorter than a M50. Hard to believe, the M60B40 is extremely nippy and even the smallest movements of the accelerator are immediately converted into propulsion. In addition, the M60 empathizes the power of its 286 hp with a sonorous sound and spares the environment with turbo sound or even blow-off hissing!


For the V8 of course, the firewall had to be moved and countless body modifications in their own garage at home were scheduled after end of a work day.


But one who welded more than 40 meters of roll cage bar into an E30 in his spare time, gets our respect. Respect is also paid to Florian Seibold, who has built a S3.23 locking differential with 45% lock for the E30 and mounted it directly on the tubes of the safety cell.


The interior is rustic and sporty. Sparco full bucket seat, six point safety belt, sport steering wheel, short shifter and a little luxury in the form of a modified instrument panel, that´s enough for Dieter and André Jaschinski – so far.


For the suspension kit, a KW Competition 2 Way racing suspension with top mounts were used, that our KW Motorsport department has designed for the E30 for use on circuit racetracks. With the dampers that are independently adjustable in compression and rebound, the BMW can be adapted to any racetrack, tires, etc.

Due to the top mounts, it is also easy to individually set the camber. “The BMW drives extremely neutral with the V8 and is a lot of fun”, says André Jaschinski.


Depending on the purpose, the E30 with its front fenders in M3-look is driving on slicks in 230/610-17. In Denmark, the two from Kiel became “Racing Sprint” Champion in 2014 and in 2015 Vice-Champion in the overall standings.


But in winter 2015/2016, a lot is coming up for the E30-V8! At the moment, father and son are building a new exhaust system and they also are constructing a special manifold.


Later in spring 2016, the E30 has to go on the wheel load scale. Finally, the empty BMW is supposed to lose another 100 kg due to Makrolon discs and different lightweight body parts.

Finally, the two Jaschinskis want to drive at the front of the pack with their E30 V8 in the 2016 motorsport season and still have an open revenge against a “Danish Golf R32 Cup”…

Photos André Jaschinski, Jörg Redlin, www.jaschinski-motorsport.de


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