KW Coilover Systems for BMW M6

Bigger, faster and even more powerful – the F12 BMW M6 is the ultimate Grand Tourer, packing a twin-turbo V8 engine delivering 560bhp to the rear wheels. As standard the M6 utilizes electronic damping for a sporty feel, but for those wanting a proper increase in performance and handling KW Automotive is proud to offer a Variant 3 coilover upgrade.

Our Variant 3 is designed for those drivers who demand the absolute best performance from their car’s suspension without compromising its drivability on the road. From fast road use to track days the Variant 3 can be setup and fine-tuned for just about any driving discipline, maximizing the BMW’s superb chassis.


Unlike other coilover systems, KW pre-set the optimum damping for those who want to have the best balance for everyday driving – simply install the suspension, set your desired ride height and instantly enjoy the benefits! For the more serious driver, both the rebound and compression damping can be adjusted depending on your driving needs.


Constructed from highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel, KW’s Variant 3 guarantees maximum reliability in ALL weather conditions and with TUV-approved ride height adjustment (10-40mm all round) the overall look and stance can be improved without sacrificing any handling or drivability.


The F12 BMW M6 (Convertible & Couple) Variant 3 inox-line coilover kit is priced at £2400.00 (with electronic damper cancellation kit) or £2175.00 without. Additionally the KW cancellation kit can be purchased separately for £317.00. All prices include VAT. Please contact us directly for more information.

Fast Facts

•                Height adjustable (TUV approved)

•                High-quality components for long durability

•                Rebound damping adjustment

•                Adjustable compression damping

•                Comprehensive documentation for easy use

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