A quantum leap for the 911 driving dynamics: in bump and rebound adjustable dampers for G-Body


The classic Porsche 911 models have been characterized for decades by a timeless styling coupled with unadulterated sportiness. Everywhere in the world, the “911” is known as a sports car icon.


In addition to the Porsche 911 “original model” (1963 – 1973), the Porsche 911 “G-Series model”, built from 1973 to 1989, enjoys an unimagined popularity and the demand for an individual suspension kit is accordingly high.


From now on, in compression and rebound damping independently adjustable KW Variant 3 shock absorbers are available as a suspension complete set in galvanized steel housings for all Porsche 911 G-series model (from model year 1974) built from 1973 – 1989 also known as “G-body”.

Lesser body roll on bad roads and a more neutral driving behaviour


Like with every KW suspension development, our adjustable dampers for the Porsche G-model is a vehicle-specific application. For the development, in addition to driving tests on various test and race tracks, we have also used our 7-post rig. This has the great advantage that we can determine an ideal basic setup with at any time reproducible test cycles, even in advance of our test drives without any subjective influence.


The great advantage besides a quantum leap in terms of driving dynamics is that the “KW suspension kit” features spindle kits and dampers, so time-consuming strut conversions with replacement cartridges is not necessary. Also, the standard torsion bar springs on the front and rear axle can still be used.

kw_v3_porsche_911_g-modell_019-768x569 kw_v3_porsche_911_g-modell_013-768x512

With the integrated compression and rebound adjustment click adjusters, it is easy to individually adjust our recommended damper basic setup. For example, with its 16 click setting, the rebound allows to directly take influence on the handling characteristics as well as the driving comfort.


With the low speed compression valve, which can be adjusted in twelve clicks, the driving behavior of the Porsche classic can be further increased if desired. A higher compression level on the front axle allows an even more direct steering, and on the rear axle, higher compression damping forces counteract the oversteering.


Due to the degressive valve assembly of the preconfigured high speed compression valve, the damping is positively influenced in the case of a sudden driving over street bumps. The wheels can immerse suddenly and this for example prevents the jumping over curbs.

The Porsche 911 equipped with the adjustable KW shock absorbers receives a much more direct handling and gets significantly more grip on the rear axle without an increased oversteer. Even the remaining comfort is increased.


Also right before the market launch: KW Clubsport Coilovers for Porsche 911 (G series model)

For the historic motorsport, we als build different racing suspensions with independent compression and rebound damping settings for the Porsche 911 G-model, depending on the regulations.


Based on our motorsports experience, we developed KW Clubsport coilovers with adjustable aluminum Uniball top mounts and 2-way high-performance shock absorbers in upside-down version on the front axle as well as aluminum damper housings on the rear axle.

rwb_10-683x1024 superlowimg_0029

Due to our racing springs and the omission of the torsion bar springs, when installing our KW Clubsport coilovers, no specially for racetrack use suitable torsion bar springs have to be retrofitted. If you install our KW V3 damper kit (see picture left) the standard torsion bar springs on the front and rear axle can still be used.


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