ADAC TOTAL 24h Race Nürburgring 2021: On the 25th anniversary of Manthey-Racing, the Porsche team wins the Eifel endurance classic

The KW Competition customer and record holder on the Nürburgring Nordschleife wins the Nürburgring 24h race for the seventh time.

The Frenchman Kévin Estre secured the seventh victory for the team from Meuspath in the Manthey Porsche #911 after a furious start phase and a flawless final stint.

The Italian Matteo Cairoli and the Dane Michael Christensen cheered on their teammate when Estre rolled across the finish line with the “Grello” 8.8 seconds ahead of the BMW M6 GT3 from ROWE RACING #98 with the final drivers Sheldon van der Linde, Martin Tomczyk, Marco Wittmann and Connor de Phillippi.

In the endurance race, which was more like a sprint race, ROWE Racing finished second. “It’s incredible, I’m speechless. It was such a tough race, very intense. I’ve put all my efforts into it, it was very hard to get through without making any mistakes. I’m extremely proud of this team,” states Kévin Estre.

“The second place means a lot to me. Of course, it’s a pity when you miss out on victory so narrowly. But standing on the podium at the 24-hour race is always something special. It’s also an accolade for the team. Now it’s time to celebrate,” said Martin Tomczyk.

Photos Gruppe C Photography, KW

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