Audi RS7 Type 4G Height Adjustable Spring Kit by KW

Packing a 560bhp twin-turbo V8 as standard it’s safe to say the latest Audi RS7 definitely isn’t lacking in the performance department! So with this in mind KW Automotive has developed a height adjustable spring kit suitable for Type 4G models, further improving the vehicle dynamics as well as the Audi’s stance without the need for a full coilover system.


Unlike traditional lowering springs, the ride height is not fixed with KW’s height adjustable spring kit allowing total adjustability to suit a driver’s needs. What’s more, by utilising the OEM damper this means the Audi electronic damping (Dynamic Ride Control) can be maintained at the same time. Additionally, the use of our high-quality lowering springs optimizes the RS7’s dynamic performance and steering behaviour even when electronic damping is activated.

Audi Height adj. spring kit

Each coilover spring kit features vehicle-specific adjustable spring seats combined with KW lowering springs as well as the matching elastomer and dust cover system for maximum reliability and longevity. The KW coilover spring kit is the perfect solution for independent ride height lowering with OEM damping and control.

Fast facts

  • Individual height adjustability of the Audi suspension
  • Electronic damper control – stays active
  • Improved optic and vehicle dynamics
  • Lowering amount of 5-30mm (front) and 0-25mm (rear)
  • Better steering behavior
  • Part No. 2531000K

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