Chinese Stance Story: Audi RS6 with carbon fiber widebody kit

Do you remember the 1000 hp „Audi RS6 DTM” from the Freestyle and Ski racer Jon Olsson? Almost three years ago, his Audi was stolen and was set on fire.

DarwinPRO Aerodynamics Evolution built an homage to Jon’s RS6, to help introduce it’s brand new exclusive carbon fiber body kit.

Before the ten-piece body kit was assembled, an update in terms of continuous lowering was required. Similar to a coilover suspension, our height adjustable KW springs allows continuous lowering.

For the current Audi RS6 (C7, 4G), a tested adjustment range is between 5 – 30 mm at the front axle and 15 – 40 mm at the rear axle. When only installing the KW dust protection elements, the height adjustment and the spring set have to be put on the series dampers – no more effort is required.

The great advantage of the height adjustable springs coilover springs, also known as height adjustable spring set, in addition to the possibility of a continuous lowering, is that the vehicle-specific springs are always adapted to the respective series suspension dampers. So the spring rates also harmonize with the different damper characteristics of adaptive suspensions. Incidentally, we have developed our KW Variant 4 coilovers with 3-way damping force adjustment for RS6 fans, who ask for more driving dynamics – more about that later.

For those who do not really like the “Olsson-Style” with the eye-catching “camouflage body wrap” or would rather be a little more “discreet” on the road, DarwinPro has provided us some pictures without the foil and roof box.

Without the camouflage look, the RS6 is a ten-piece wide body kit made of carbon fiber that is available from USD $27.000, looks even more brute.

While the “Gepfeffert RS6” is known from the Wörthersee Tuning Event in Austria, at the time it was laminated with a carbon fiber braid, caused excitement in the scene with its clean “OEM+” look, the carbon fiber manufacturer went one huge step further.

All components such as the aggressive spoiler lip, air blades and complete fenders are made of the lightweight carbon fiber braid.

The DarwinPro bonnet with its “Powerdome” is also made of the lightweight material and also has a window over the engine.

The assembled Audi cast wheels with their 5-douple-spoke design measure 21 inches and are fitted with 285/30 tyres.

As an alternative to our KW coilover springs, also our KW Variant 4 is available for the current Audi RS6 Avant (C7, 4G). With the KW coilovers Variant 4, we combine our leading racing technology with a significant increase in everyday usability.

If someone wants to tackle more than just the look of this Audi RS6 and, above all, is dissatisfied with the compromise of the standard suspension, our Variant 4 is the only upgrade in terms of driving dynamics that actually makes sense.

The Variant 4 allows an independent adjustment of the rebound damping as well as low speed and high speed compression damping. We deliver the coilover suspension for the RS6 with a vehicle-specific comfort setting – of course, the “V4” provides on request a maximum lowering within the specifications of the technical components report.

With just a few simple manual steps – if necessary – you can switch intuitively to a performance setup with the integrated adjustment wheel. The low speed and high speed compression damping is set directly at the reservoir.

By the used valve technology, the rebound can be adjusted independently of the compression damping. By the way, without knowing it, some automotive journalists have already driven the new KW Variant 4 with its three-way adjustable high-performance dampers and its independently adjustment in rebound as well as low speed and high-speed compression damping. In the German magazine sportauto issue 9/2016, for example, the BMW M4 GTS from factory equipped with a KW V4 suspension technology was on the Nürburgring Nordschleife for the Supertest.

Here is what 24-hour race driver and sports car editor Christian Gebhardt said: “Terrific suspension with great attention to detail – the suspension setup succeeded terrifically, and you can immediately feel how much detail work was invested here. Compared to the series M4, the GTS steers is even more precise. It barely responds to load changes and is absolutely good-natured. As expected, the M4 GTS surpasses its M4 base and its E92 GTS predecessor … also the very good suspension setup of the newly developed three-way coilover kit is responsible.” But let´s get back to DarwinPro.

In addition to kits for Audi models, DarwinPro also manufactures its body kits for numerous other vehicles such as BMW, Hyundai, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and many other brands.

Photos DarwinPro Aerodynamics Evolution , KW, Volxzone (1x)

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