Creating The Ultimate Hatchback: Dahlback Racing

Mention the name ‘Dahlback Racing’ and VW/Audi enthusiasts will begin to fidget with excitement as memories of super high powered 4WD creations come flooding back.


Dahlback burst into the international spotlight with their Audi 5 Cylinder powered, 4WD MK4 Golf Monster.

Synomonous with 5 pot tuning, Dahlback created the famous MK4 as a showcase for their engineering skill.


Putting out over 1000bhp being driven through a genuine ex-Audi works IMSA transmission, Dahlback turned to KW to provide a bespoke suspension solution to tame the beast.


But that’s not the end of the Dahlback/KW connection, Dahlback continue to provide KW suspension to their customers today and also utilised another bespoke KW solution for their Polo RSR project.


This time the semi space framed Dahlback special used Audi’s 2.7 engine with a huge single turbocharger to output out just shy of the magic 1000bhp mark, this time 990.


With 265 section R888 tyres at each corner, once again KW were called to provide the balance between power and grip. Weighing in at under 1000kgs, the fully carbon bodied Polo is the fastest Dahlback project yet!

Check out the Speedhunters story on the Dahlback Polo here:


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