Drift: Local drivers impress at Federal Tyres King of Nations in Thailand!


Round 3 of the Federal Tyres King of Nations Drift Championship would see Pathum Thani, Thailand set the stage for another incredible drifting showcase. Having hosted Round 2 in Malaysia just one week before, it would be the perfect opportunity for drivers to push for points on the World stage whilst also fighting for vital points for the Federal Tyres King of Asia title which shall be decided at Ebisu and Nikko Circuit, Japan.


As 47 drivers attended from across the globe to participate, some extremely impressive local drivers were keen to cause an upset which undoubtedly made this a round to remember.


With practice taking place on Friday, it would allow for drivers to adapt to the tricky layout which combined both a high speed entry, which flowed into technical turns against unforgiving concrete surroundings, leaving absolutely no margin for error.


With the intense sun pounding down on the Thai track, it would see the mercury once again rise above 40 degrees once again pushing drivers, cars and teams to their absolute limits.


Qualification took place under the scorching heat throughout the Sunday afternoon. Local driver Chanatpon Kerdpiam would take pole position in qualifying with an impressive 94.84 points. Australian Round 2 winner Michael Prosenik would take 2nd place with local driver Davide Dorigo in 3rd.


The setting sun allowed for the first Federal Tyres King of Nations night event to take place as the Top 32 battles got underway. Despite taking 2nd place with a great performance at Round 2 and impressing during his Top 32 battle, Luke Fink would find himself knocked out in the Top 16 during his pursuit for the top spot in the overall standings.


Fresh off the win at Round 2, Michael Prosenik would show impressive skills once again as he knocked out C Andre Silva and Nicolas Delorme to advance the Top 8.


Two drivers who impressed in Malaysia, Emmanuelle Amandio and Benjamin Chiam would find themselves face-to-face in the Top 8. Despite an initial scoring of 0-0, Chiam would squeeze past with a 6-4 scoring in the second run.


Third place qualifier Davide Dorigo would once again show the skills that we’d learned to expect from him as he faced Round 2 winner Prosenik in his Top 4 battle. After an initial 5-5 scoring, Dorigo would take the second battle 6-4 to secure his place in the final.


Benjamin Chiam would find himself up against Chanatpon Kerdpiam in the Top 4, who had shown impeccable form throughout the weekend. After an intense battle it would be Chanatpon who would advance to the final.


With two drivers who had previously reached the podium in the previous round going up against each other in the small final, an error from Chiam would leave him with 0 points after spinning after the finish line in the initial run. Despite Chiam winning the second battle 6-4, it would mean that Michael Prosenik has secured another podium spot!


The final would see two local drivers who had impressed the crowds and judges throughout the weekend go face-to-face. In an unlikely turn of events, Davide Dorigo created two unforced errors, handing a 10-0, 10-0 victory to Chanatpon who would take his first Federal Tyres King of Nations and King of Asia victory!


The result now means that Australian Michael Prosenik is leading the Federal Tyres King of Nations series after two incredibly consistent back-to-back performances. French driver Nicolas Delorme now moves to 2nd place, with Australian Luke Fink in 3rd.


Michael Prosenik also leads the Federal Tyres King of Asia series, with Benjamin Chiam in 2nd and Luke Fink in 3rd.

Photos Eyedea Media

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