Driving pleasure unleashed: ST XA coilover suspensions and AZX wheel spacers for the Toyota C-HR

The suspension manufacturer KW automotive is developing coilover suspensions within its ST suspensions product range for more SUVs. In addition to the Hyundai Tucson (TLE, TL), Kia Sportage (QLE, QL), Nissan Juke (F15) and Seat Ateca (5FP), now also a ST coilover suspension for the Toyota Crossover SUV C-HR was introduced.

Compared to conventional suspension systems, the ST XA coilover suspension has adjustable dampers that allows you to adjust the C-HR to be more sporty or comfortable.


With its adjustable rebound forces, the ST XA coilover kit provides a significant gain in driving dynamics and ride comfort in the Toyota C-HR. So, with just a few clicks on the damper, the rolling and ride comfort can be increased or by a tighter setting, the body roll and pitch movements are reduced for a more direct handling.

With the ST XA coilover kit, the Toyota C-HR tends less to lateral inclination even in sporty driven corners. The days when a coilover suspension was always harder than a conventional suspension kit is long gone.

By using shorter damper housings, the suspension travel in a coilover kit for exclusive road use can even be up to one centimeter longer than at a standard suspension kit. So, despite the lowering, there is enough comfort for everyday life. Depending on the setup, the ST XA coilover kit is a real performance tool or and gives the Toyota SUV a more comfortable damping on request.

Additionally, the SUV can continuously be lowered by 20 to 50 millimeters on the front axle and 30 to 60 millimeters on the rear axle by the coilover suspension. The ST XA coilover kit with technical component report is currently available for all engine types including the 1.8 VVT-i hybrid model.

The AZX spacers, which have been developed for vehicles with wheel bolts and wheel nuts, are also available for the Toyota C-HR in 25, 30 and 35-millimeter discs. This allows to widen the track of the Crossover SUV by 50, 60 and 70 millimeters on each axle.

This gives the factory-offered 18-inch wheels and numerous rims from the accessories trade an attractive appearance under the wide series fenders of the Toyota C-HR. The AZX wheel spacers are mounted in combination with the ST adapter ring, which ensures that the wheel spacer sits optimally centered on the wheel hub.

For further information please dial your Toyota C-HR at our Homepage www.st-suspensions.net. We also have included our new Wheel Spacers Finder.

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