Gatebil is calling! Hooray: Podium in Rudskogen!

Remember the “Über 320d” of our Swedish Customer and Motorsports partner Karel Silha? His BMW is still active and racing this season in Sweden and Norway. Here you’ll find an aweseome feature about his E90 320d (click the photos).

For round IV of the Gatebil Extreme Series we went to Rudskogen in Norway. With the Weather forcast looking really bad and lots of rain expected we prepared for rain. Just driven in rain once before this was going to be a challange.

During friday first practice we had rain in practice 1 and we did set a PB from last time we were here in rain and chopped of eight seconds during Practice 2 we still had rain and managed to chop of another 3 seconds. At this point we had the second quickest time in rain and we was very confident with the car in rain.

For Timeattack and Qualifying the rain stopped and we pushed on slicks again. On our first outlap we did lose one of the lambda sensors and this ended up sounding really bad and car was not happy with this at all. But even with this issues I pushed for one lap and that ended up in P11 (not happy with his at all), the tires wasn’t event warm so nothing to celebrate about.

During race One we started as p11 and had a full hand to defend that possition. We did run a full wet setup on a track that dryed up after two laps so massive issues with understeer.

For race 2 on sunday we did a similar rain setup even though it wasnt raining but we did gamble, all of the competitors went out on full wets and so did we.  After formation lap two; rain came and game was on.

Starting from postion 13 we battled hard and was up on second place for a while but couldnt defend that so we ended up P3 and on the podium! If we would have 1-2 laps more P1 would have been possible for sure. We were one second faster then P1 and two second faster then P2 so the pace was there for sure.

We are so grateful for all off you, our sponsors and without you this would not be possible. With only around 100 – 150km driven in the car this year its a great achivment ending P3.

We are now recharging our batteries for the last round of Gatebil Extreme that is 22-24 of september where we hope to gain more points and secure a good position in the totals. Right now we are P9 in overall and all of our excluded points are already counted for so this will for sure end in P9 or better.

Photos Gatebil

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