Gatebil is calling! KW customer Karel Silha Motorsport tests his “Über 320d”

Remember the “Über 320d” of our Swedish Customer and Motorsports partner Karel Silha? His BMW is still active and racing this season in Sweden and Norway. Here you’ll find an aweseome feature about his E90 320d (click the photos).

First race of the season is done. We hade massive stress before the race, as last year the livery wasnt done again (big headache) and also most of the carbon parts was totaly trash so we had to make the best out of the situation .

So we ended up putting the car together as good as we could we left the workshop 2am on friday and the qualifying was 1245 pm 500km away so we rushed there tried to sleep 2-3h and as we got there we unloaded the car and got the scrutinering done and rushed for qualifying.

Totally new track that we have never tried so we just managed p19 out of 30 after 7-8 laps .

During the race 1 we did manage to get from p19 to p12 and secured good points. During that race we had the 15 fastest laptime and got to start p15 in race 2, also there we managed to do P11 after 10 laps.

Hans from KW suspension sweden dialed in the chassi and during 3nd practis we managed to do fastest chassis car time of the training. More laps would do really good but we are really happy with the result and also how the car is working now.

Photos Karel S Motorsport

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