Gran Turismo 6 to Feature KW Automotive 7-Post Tuning Rig!

In the world of virtual racing games they don’t get much better than Gran Turismo! Since 1997 Polyphone Digital has set the standard with the Gran Turismo series, combining hundreds of high-performance manufacture cars with some of the world’s best race circuits including Monza, Spa Francorchamps and of course the Nurburgring. It’s a game played by millions worldwide, and KW Automotive is hugely excited to be a part of the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 title!


One of Gran Turismo’s most-popular features is the car tuning and customisation. Unlike rival games, this isn’t just limited to visual upgrade – from gear ratios and differential speed right through to suspension damping and aerodynamics, Gran Turismo allows proper tuning to suit individual cars and tracks when chasing the ultimate lap time. In the latest title to join this series – Gran Turismo 6 – this aspect is taken even further thanks to the inclusion of KW’s 7-post tuning rig.


Located at KW Germany in Fichtenberg, Germany, the 7-post rig is the ultimate tool for setting up race (or road cars) for specific tracks and driving. ‘First of all, data has to be collected at the race track which is then evaluated at the test stand’ explains Head of Motorsport Sales, Michael Grassl. ‘At the chassis, three solid attachment points have to be created for the three additional hydraulic cylinders which supply lateral inclination, downthrust and other car body movements during the test run.’


What this means is that each car can be subject to a specific race circuit’s conditions (including gradients, surface bumps and more) all while remaining completely stationary on the 7-post rig! You can find full details by clicking the following link:


Gamers will be able to utilise a virtual edition of KW’s 7-post rig within Gran Turismo 6 to fine-tune their car’s setup for specific tracks, not to mention tracking the differences certain modifications affect the overall handling of a car before entering a race. We cannot wait to see it in action!

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