It’s a kind of M(3)agic: M3 sedan meets KW Clubsport!


Have you ever been to Switzerland? No? Well add this trip to your bucket list and don’t forget your car. Why? Because one of the most beautiful roads in Europe is in the Swiss Alps. And if you ever have driven the Bernina Pass, Col de la Croix, San Bernadino Pass or St. Bernhard Pass you are yearning for a KW suspensions kit.


Our KW fan Nils Ernst from Switzerland already achieved a part of his personal bucket list: Buy a new BMW M3 sedan and install a KW Clubsport 2-way kit!


With a continuous adjustment range from 15 to 40millimetres the Clubsport coilover kit is killing the gap between the fender and the Advan ADV.1 wheels. On the front axle they have the size of 20 x 9” and 20 x 10.5” on the rear axle. Behind the mentioned wheels we are spotting a big ceramic brake in tansanit blue metallic from BMW Individual.


Nils can adjust the lowspeed compression with 12 clicks at the reservoir of the KW Clubsport 2-way suspension. So he has the possibility to improve the grip of his mounted 255/30R20 and 285/30R20 Michelin Supersport tires with just a few clicks.


For adjusting the rebound you just turn the integrated adjuster on the top of the piston rod which is adjustable with 16 clicks.


Another component of the KW Clubsport 2-way for the M3 is an adjustable top mount on the front axle coilovers so Nils has the possibility to change the camber with just a few easy moves.


The carbon lip at the rear and the exhaust are components of BMW M Performance just like the Alcantara steering wheel. Nils is really happy with his BMW M3: “since I installed the KW Clubsport my M3 is driving and handling like a BMW M should handle! Thank you KW!”


Photos: SwissRichStreets / T.M.Supercars Photography

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