JE Design SC Cupra 280 sets new Sachsenring lap record!

For SEAT owners who want to go REALLY fast, JE Design have always been the experts to visit. As a long-time parner of KW suspensions, JE Design pay attention to every aspect of a car’s handling, from the engine performance and braking to the suspension handling and setup. What’s more, JE Design are always keen to prove just how fast they really can go as the latest SC Cupra 280 proves…


What you’re looking at here is currently the fastest front-wheel-drive vehicle to lap the German Sachsenring… ever! Using the 280bhp Cupra as a base, JE Design set a blistering lap time of 1:35.75 – to put that into perspective, a Lamborghini Aventador laps in 1:34.84, just 0.9-seconds faster!


The ‘Record Wagon’ by JE Design utilities our awesome 3-way KW Clubsport coilovers  along with ATS GTR alloy wheels wrapped in super-sticky 265/35 R18 Dunlop Direzza tyres. Larger Stoptech brakes eliminate brake fade and the exhaust system featues a valve control depending on noise limits.


In addition to all of this, the vehicle’s aerodynamics played a big part in its blistering speed – developed by JE Design owner and founder Jochen Eckelt.


Wider arches allow the Seat to run wider ATS GTR wheels along with the 265 profile tyres. This in turn gives a wider track width for improved stability and control.


Another key element is the roof-edge wing. From speeds of 100km/h the angle of attack is fixed at 15-degrees. When traveling over 120km/h and under heavy braking, the angle of attack increases to 30-degrees in order to stabilize the rear and improve braking distance.JE_Design_Leon_5F_Cupra_WB_Race_low

Hot hatchbacks aren’t as light as they used to be, so JE Design stripped the back seats from the Leon Cupra SC 280 and along with a lightweight battery the overall weight was reduced to 1315kg – every gram counts after all!


The end result is a record-braking hot hatch capable of upsetting some seriously fast cars at the track! In fact, it’s more than 4-seconds faster than the standard SEAT Cupra SC 280 (even with the performance pack fitted). Check out the JE Design Cupra in action on the YouTube video below.

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