Kaege Retro: Real Porsche Rock ‘n’ Roll!


You don’t need to sneak to Down Town L.A. and beg in front of the doors of Magnus Walkers Porsche collection to see some real beautiful Porsche cars.

If you driving with open eyes through the world you see still a lot of real 100% nanny free early Porsche cars. But will you really drive a nanny free early 911? Not every day!


But you are still in love with the silhouette of the pure real Porsche from the early days? Take a closer look at the Kaege!


But the “Kaege Retro” isn’t really nanny free. It isn’t a real 1972 F-series 911. With never ending devotion to detail, Kaege lets a dream come true.


The German car specialist and tuner combines in handiwork perfection the advanced air-cooled series 993 engineering with the typical look of the original 911 from the late 60’s and early 70’s – and who of you wasn’t in love with your nanny, were you?


The best air-cooled engines, that Porsche had always produced in series, in combination with the indeed timelessly charming F model design of 1972 is a relation warranting assuredly for extraordinary driving moments, without having to miss up to date driving comfort.


For these aims, Kaege takes a Porsche 993 as basis and modifies it in look that way that it rather can be distinguished from the F-series model.


The whole equipment, such as air conditioning, six speed gear, brake system, multi-link rear suspension, airbag, wipers and many more stays unchanged, likewise the OBD capability, which in same time means that the car service can be made by Porsche workshops worldwide.


For the carbon fiber exterior of the Kaege Retro in company own Backdate design, the engineers and mechanics  pull out all the stops of car body handicraft.


In order to correspond to the graceful language of shape of the F-series model in detail.

The air-cooled 3.6 liters engine produces 300 HP for a total car weight of 1,195 kg, the latter being also a result of the lithium battery.

Special attention was given to the lamps in classic design, in which Osram LED technology was recently integrated.

KW_35271004_001 lowKAEGE RETRO-7

Three-part rims in Fuchs design with correspondent tirage and KW Variant 3 coilovers ensure the necessary driving dynamics.


Because the Kaege Retro is a pure driving machine like every Porsche with a KW Variant 3 suspension.

The interior is completely determined by the individual preferences of the client for the 1970s flair, together with Recaro seats and Becker navigation.


With the soundtrack of your youth and the Kaege Retro you can really take a walk on the wild side.

Photos Jordi Miranda, KW

YouTube Video by Andreas Trauttmansdorff about the pleasures of driving an early Porsche 911.

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