Maximum driving pleasure on the road with KW coilover Variant 4 for the BMW M4 (G82) and BMW M3 (G80)

The current BMW M4 GT3 will delivered to it’s BMW Motorsport customers with KW racing dampers

While the BMW M4 GT3 race car, which will be used in customer sports from 2022, successfully completed its tests with its 5-way adjustable KW racing suspension, the 3-way adjustable KW coilover Variant 4 (KW V4) is now available for the current BMW M3 (G80) and BMW M4 (G82) with RWD and AWD including technical parts certificate.

The KW V4 is also available for the BMW M3 Competition station wagon

A very quick, but important update: The KW V4 coilover kit is now deliverable for the first official BMW M3 station wagon with a parts certificate.

Back in the day, BMW M only offered the BMW M5 station wagons E34 and E61. It took 35 years until the M3 was available as a so-called Touring (station wagon). Now, in November 2022, the time has finally come.

A large number of project cars indicated that BMW M enthusiasts always wished for a BMW M3 station wagon. On the basis of numerous BMW 3-series cars (such as the E36, the E46, the E90, and the F30), BMW M Touring with in-line six-cylinders (S52B32, S54B32, S65B40, S55B30) or the V10 (S85B50) were retrofit into inofficial BMW M3 Tourings.

Similar to the KW V4 for the BMW M3 Sedan, BMW M4 Convertible, and BMW M4 Coupe, the BMW M3 Competition station wagon can be continuously lowered from 20 to 35 millimeters at the front axle and 20 to 35 millimeters at the rear axle.

Our KW Variant 4 is made of stainless steel and dampens bumps harmoniously and comfortably with its further developed multi-valve technology. At the same time, the KW coilover Variant 4 enables a significantly sportier road holding and even in the limits of driving dynamics, it guarantees increased driving safety.

The new special thing about our KW Variant 4 for the BMW M3 (G80) und BMW M4 (G82) is that no reservoir is needed any longer because of its redesigned valve technology. The shock absorbers are separately adjustable in low-speed (13 clicks) and high-speed compression forces (14 clicks) as well as in low-speed rebound forces (16 clicks).

KW automotive collaborates closely with BMW on selected projects and special models. You can find out more about this on our blog and in the YouTube video above.

For example, in the past, we equipped all BMW M4 GTSs with a 3-way adjustable coilover, and we are currently working closely with BMW Motorsport and are the “Official BMW Motorsport Supplier” for the BMW M4 GT3.

KW collaborates closely with BMW Motorsport and is the “Official BMW Motorsport Supplier” for the BMW M4 GT3

Adjustable multi-valve technology for maximum driving pleasure in everyday driving

The valves, which can be adjusted separately in the compression’s low-speed and high-speed range, are positioned in a compact valve housing laterally on the strut and damper housing for the rear axle. Internally, we often refer to such a damper set-up as a ‘three-tube damper set-up’.

The golden adjustment wheel can be used to set the damping in high-speed compression with 14 clicks and with the purple wheel, the damping characteristics in low-speed compression can be adapted with 13 clicks. When the valves are open, the compression is reduced and the M4 body dives faster.

The compression influences the diving speed of the damper piston rod to a certain extent. Moreover, the compression has an impact on the body’s pitching and rolling movements as well as its turn-in behavior. If the compression is increased, the piston rod dives more slowly. Consequently, the vehicle becomes more stable during steering movements. The turn-in behavior gets more precise the tighter the compression is tuned.

The low-speed rebound, which is equally adjustable on the KW coilover Variant 4, has a direct effect on the operating speed when the piston rod de-compresses. It controls with 16 clicks how fast the spring gets back to its original position.

So to speak, the diameters of the rebound valves open for a more comfortable road behavior and close for a more firm tuning. Braking, accelerating and steering, for instance, are low-speed stimuli in everyday driving. The preset Sport+ tuning of Variant 4 can be altered to a comfort-oriented road setup with just a few clicks if desired.

Typical high-speed excitations occur when the wheel rolls over bumps or transverse joints. Anyone who drove rapidly over a badly constructed road certainly noticed that this makes the whole car become unsteady.

More KW coilovers will soon appear for the current generation of the BMW M3 (G80) and BMW M4 (G82). In addition to the KW Clubsport coilover, the adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilover is already being developed.

BMW M4 (F82) from SJ Exclusive with KW Clubsport coilover on the Nordschleife

Those who want to take a closer look at the differences between a 3-way adjustable KW Clubsport and KW Variant 4 coilover can find a short report on our KW automotive blog about these two suspension applications for the BMW M4 (F82).

The KW coilover Variant 4 also offers the option of maximum lowering. According to the technical parts certificate, an additional lowering of 20 to 35 millimeters at the front axle and 15 to 30 millimeters at the rear axle is possible despite the factory-lowered BMW M4 body.

The KW Variant 4 for the BMW M3 sedan (G80) enables the same adjustment range in terms of lowering. This roughly corresponds to a lowering of 50 millimeters on the BMW 4 Series coupé (G22) and 60 millimeters on the BMW 3 Series sedan (G20).

If you are looking for a competent KW dealer and installation partner in your area, please open the dealer search on our KW homepage.

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