NEW: KW coilovers for the latest Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205)


The new Mercedes-Benz C-class is a great all-around performer and a fantastic place to be thanks to its modern design. For those who wish to highlight the sporty appeal of the W205-series enhancing the driving dynamics with a KW coilover-kit is the ideal choice.


The stainless steel coilovers allow lowering the new Mercedes-Benz up to 70 millimetres with continuous adjustment. Besides the Variant 1 with fixed damping characteristics, KW coilovers are available as Variant 2 and Variant 3 types with individually adjustable damper setup.


Variant 2 allows C-Class drivers to adjust rebound by 16 clicks to either more comfort or firmer handling. Variant 3 uses KW motorsport style technology to allow both the rebound and compression to be set individually.

Depending on the variant, the KW coilover kits for the C-Class can be altered in damping characteristics. Variant 2 allows for 16 clicks to change the balance between handling and comfort.


Our highlight for the C-Class is the KW Variant 3. Similar to our motor sports suspensions you can adjust the stainless steel coliover in rebound and compression independently. To set the rebound the adjusting wheel for the front axle is on the damper rod.

Changing the compression is even easier. The purple adjustment wheel is mounted on the bottom side of the damper housing and allows for 12 clicks to adjust the setup.


Everybody can adapt the new C-Class exactly to the individual driving style, tyre-wheel combination and road surfaces.


As with all KW stainless-steel coilovers, the lowering of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class falls within the TÜV-approved adjustment range by the continuously threaded strut body at the front and at the KW height adjuster on the rear axle. The front axle allows for 35 to 70 millimetres of lowering, while the driving axle allows for a lowering of 35 to 70 millimetres.


No longer do coil overs get harder the lower they go. For further information about our KW coilovers for the latest Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) please visit our international KW suspensions website. 

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