New: KW ddc plug and play coilover kit for BMW X4

BMW X4 KW ddc plug&play

The adaptive KW ddc plug&play coilover kit is the intelligent retrofit solution for all BMW X4 (F26) models with optional “Dynamic Damping Control”.


This enables the KW suspension to adapt to the driver’s style as well as to the road conditions. With other aftermarket suspension kits, the BMW X4 drivers have to make do without the conveniences of the adaptive damper control, but not with KW.

BMW EDC Taster

The adaptive KW suspension control works via the original BMW sensors and that in turn control the KW valves.

KW DDC Stecker

When installing the suspension kit, only the standard suspension has to be replaced by the KW suspension.  The KW ddc plugs connect directly to the original plugs.  The sensors adapt the suspension between modes within a split second to the respective driving situation. If you drive on the motorway and accelerate during a passing maneuver, the damper settings will become more direct. This works quickly and harmoniously without driver input, just like the original system.


The adjustment of the lowering is made directly on the stainless steel adaptive KW ddc plug&play coilovers via the dirt-resistant KW trapezoidal thread and also on the rear-axle height adjustors.

BMW X4 KW ddc plug&play

The approved adjustment range allows a continuous lowering of 30 to 50 millimeters at the front axle, while the X4 has and adjustment of 40 to 70 millimeters at the rear axle. For further information please visit our KW website.

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