Next stop: Manthey Racing Trackday at the Nordschleife!

Nurburgring Nordschleife. A name where not just kids of the game console generation get shining eyes. If you have ever driven in the “Green Hell” and it was “only” a tourist driving session, you’ll already under the spell of the legendary racetrack.


On September 7th 2016 you can have the Nordschleife all to yourself, alone. Okay, so maybe you won’t be alone with just you and your Porsche. But our friends from Manthey Racing are hosting a trackday on the Nurburgring Nordschleife and afterwards you will be a better driver and you can drive your Porsche like your Porsche deserve to be driven.


The trackday is limited for 60 Porsche cars and the experienced Manthey Racing instructors and race drivers will guide you through over 70 corners of the track and will teach you some of the secrets of the legendary “Green Hell”.


All the blind corners, bumpy track sections and jumps are a very though challenge even for race drivers.


To participate at the Manthey Racing track day all you need is a Porsche. It dosen’t matter if you come to the track day with a racecar or a streetcar. The evening before (September 6th 2016) you can join the Manthey guests in new Power Tower Loung at the “Meet & Greet Barbecue” .


You’ll find all booking information at the Manthey Racing website or send a email to

Fotos Manthey-Racing, Alok Paleri

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