Rauh Welt Begriff FURUSATO – Germany’s first RWB Porsche


Porsche 911. A 993 with air-cooled 3,6-liter six-cylinder boxer engine is an icon of a long driving culture. For purists, the former Carrera 2, Carrera 4, Carrera S and 911 Turbo are real Porsche. But the 911 is something completely different. It is a “Rauh Welt Begriff” (RWB) and officially the first one that was built in Germany.

SEMA 2015. An exhibition that Sidney Hoffmann will surely remember for a long time. During his KW-Tour in the US, our colleague Chris Marion introduced Sid to all the demigods of the industry.


Sidney´s personal highlight was the meeting with Akira Nakai, the creative mastermind and Porsche wide body artist of Rauh Welt Begriff. Sidney was lucky as he has always wanted to drive a “RWB”.

But it is not that easy to get at a RWB-body kit. Besides some loose quarters and an air-cooled Porsche 911, as a potential Rauh-Welt-Begriff-customer you also need connections to the global “RWB-Family” and you kind of have to be sympathetic to Akira Nakai. It took Sidney almost three years to finally be able to arrange everything.


You can’t simply order any body kit from an online shop or a catalog if you are “old-school”, but you have to awaken Akira Nakai´s interest. Just imagine, you let an artist such as Fernando Botero fly in and invite him into your home so he paints a picture of you in your living room. Sounds pretty crazy, because it iscrazy.


Porsche purists think the art of Akira Nakai is a sacrilege or even worse. Others, however think, the pop music of David Hasselhoff is art. But in the eyes of Akira’s fans (me included), his works are art and he is a real expert in his field. Since the mid-nineties, RWB is well known by the diehard fan base and the Japanese know exactly what he does, with every hand grip.


No RWB Porsche is 100% the same. Every body kit receives an individual and personal touch. And in addition to unique details, every conversion even has its own name.


Akira named the “ultraviolet” 993 Furusato. What means home or hometown or origin. This has a deeper meaning for the Japanese and the entire “RWB-Family”; as this was the first “Made in Germany RWB” built in June 2016. By the way, the color comes from the current Porsche GT3 RS. I guess my friends from Japan also know the traditional Japanese children’s song “Furusato”.


Sidney Hoffmann´s RWB is actually the first from Akira Nakai in the home of Porsche converted 911. This was also the reason why some members of the “RWB-Community” wanted to be live on site. Christian traveled from Malaysia to Dortmund, Tate came from Atlanta in the US and the two Britons Gary and Matt spontaneously drove from England to Dortmund.


Not only the fact that the RWB converted by Akira at Sidney Industries is the first of its kind in Germany, makes Sid´s 993 so unique. The “Furusato” is the world’s first Porsche that is carrying the so-called “Royal Champion Wing”.


The front fender extensions of the 993 Racekit were even extended with the so-called Rontana-Canards. They already start at the front spoiler lip.

For the suspension kit, our KW Clubsport coilover kit was used and the special thing about this Clubsport coilovers is the fact, that Sidney has built it more or less himself directly at our headquarters. (The suspension build videos is only in German available. Sorry)

The KW Clubsport coilover kit built by Sidney is a real unique piece, and he even used the welding torch himself… (The suspension build videos is only in German available. Sorry)


Also unique are the exclusive Schmidt alloy wheels. They are so exclusive that they do not even have a design designation. The wheels cause excitement already by their “model dimensions”. At the front axle they measure 10,5 x 18 inches and the Toyo Proxes R888 tires bring it up to 265/35-18.


On the rear axle, the sport tires measure 335/30-18. The rims are 13 x 18 inches. Just perfect!

Well, we don´t want to keep you any longer on the rack. Simply press the play button to see one of the best Rauh Welt Begriff videos ever! And it is in English too!!

Words C. Schmidt / Images I. Eisen

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