Sounds amazing, its amazing: 160 bhp from a 1.4 liter naturally aspirated 8V engine

“Camber”, “Hella Flush”, “Stance”, “Slammed”, “VIP-Style”, “VeeDub” and however the different “Show & Shine Tuning varieties” are called nowadays, Nils Abb can´t do anything with it. For him and his VW Polo II, it’s all about the function, the function of being fast! And his Polo is fast – really fast!

If you don´t believe us, we´ll take you to a hot ride at the 22nd International Glasbach Race. A little advice: Turn up your speakers, so you can enjoy the 1,4-liter eight-valve engine to the maximum!

Completely rebuilt in 2012, the VW Polo II (built in 1984) has a weight of only 690 kg and the Schneider racing engine brings 160 hp – of course, as a pure naturally aspirated engine. In combination with the KW Competition racing suspension and the aerodynamics, the VW sticks on the road.

We and maybe you would like to be a co-driver of Nils Abb. But this probably won´t happen. The Polo with its sophisticated racing technology (unfortunately) is a pure one-seater.

By the way, in the KW Berg Cup the VW Polo starts in the group E1 up to 1400 ccm and the 27-year-old “hillclimber” is quite successful in his class; which is probably due to his fast father Jürgen Abb. Just in the “hill season” 2017, Nils reached twelve podium places and won five times with his KW equipped hill climb race car.

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