ST suspenions: Coilover development for Asian cars


ST suspensions expand its wide range of products for more and more Japanese and Korean cars.


With its adjustable aluminum Unibal top mounts and adjustable dampers, the ST XTA coilover kit is the ideal performance retrofitting suspension kit for the road.

With the damping technology developed by KW automotive, a sportier or more comfortable suspension setup can be adjusted with only a few hand grips.


The top mounts allow one to adjust the camber angle in a way that when driving in corners the tires bearing surface is always at the maximum if necessary.


For the Nissan 370Z (Z34), the ST XTA is available with the option of a continuous lowering of 15 – 50 mm at the fully galvanized struts and 10 – 45 mm at the rear axle can be adjusted.


Those who drive a Lexus IS 250, IS 350, or IS 300h (XE3; XE2 (a)) can install a STA XTA coilover kit manufactured from KW automotive to lower their Lexus sedan in the front  between 15 – 45 mm.


And on the drive axle within the tested adjustment range of 10 – 40 mm.

ST suspensions coilovers also available for Hyundai and KIA


As one of the few suspension manufacturers, KW increasingly develops for its brand ST suspensions coilovers for the compact models of Hyundai and KIA.


The ST X coilovers for Hyundai i30 (GDH) and KIA cee’d (type JD) also have a damper setup that was determined in numerous driving tests and endurance tests. Unlike the ST XTA, with the ST X coilover kits the damping characteristics cannot be further adjusted.


Via the trapezoid thread, the ST X coilovers allows a continuous lowering of 35 – 55 mm directly on the galvanized ST strut. At the rear axle, the adjustment range of the approved lowering is between 25 – 50 mm. For further information please visit

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