ST suspensions: Improve the handling of your BMW Z4!


ST suspensions offers its ST X and ST XTA coilovers for the popular BMW Z4 Roadster and Z4 Coupé. With those two ST coilovers, developed by KW and manufactured in Germany, it is possible to choose a lowering of 20 – 50 mm at the front axle of the BMW Z4. On the rear, the axle geometry enables a lowering of the body center of gravity from 15 – 40 mm.


At the Z4 models (E89) from 2009 on, the range of continuous and approved lowering is between 15 and 40 mm on the front axle and 10 – 35 mm on the rear axle.

ST coilovers with KW Engineering for more driving dynamic

In addition to a continuous lowering, the ST coilovers give the BMW Z4 Roadster and Z4 Coupé a more direct handling and a better grip during a sporty way of driving.

While the ST X coilovers have a factory fixed damper setup, the damping forces can be adjusted comfortable or tighter by the driver with a ST XTA suspension kit.


With the XTA coilovers that are currently only available for the E85, the adjustable aluminum Unibal top mounts for the front axle are part of the delivery content. By changing the camber angle, the tires get an optimum contact area when cornering. Ideal for drivers who want to get the maximum performance for their Z4 and miss the opportunity of a camber adjustment in their series-Z4.


The days when a coilover suspension was always harder than a conventional suspension, are long gone. By using shorter damper housings, the spring travel of a coilover kit for the exclusive road use may even be longer by up to one centimeter than at a standard suspension. So despite the lowering, enough comfort remains in everyday life.

ST wheel spacers


BMW Z4 drivers who want to set their new alloy wheels even sportier in scene, will find numerous options with the ST wheel spacers from 49 Euro. Depending on the mounted ST wheel spacers, the track per axle can be widened by 10 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm or 60 mm.


In addition to the ST spacer systems “A1”, “D1″ and”D2”, also the new “DZX System” is available. The track can hardly be widened quicker and easier, and the BMW Z4 also with a standard wheel combination given an even more attractive appearance.

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