ST suspensions Mini R56, R58, R55 and Roadster R59 Anti Roll Bar Kit now available

ST suspensions is hugely excited to launch a new anti roll bar upgrade for the Mini R56 models. This newly developed kit will fit all Mini Cooper R56 and also Coupe R58, Clubman R55 and Roadster R59 models. Take the handling of your car to a whole new level of responsiveness and stability. ST suspensions achieve this with stiffer front and rear powder coated sway-bars. Once fitted, they reduce body roll and increase cornering performance.


Technical info: Anti Roll Bars

Anti roll bars connect the opposite wheels on an axle using a steel torsion spring. This works to reduce body roll during cornering. The ST suspensions Mini R56 anti roll bar kit consists of a 26mm front and 19mm 2 point adjustable rear heavy-duty anti roll bar. Each anti roll bar is powder coated for maximum quality and longevity. The adjustable end link mounting holes on the rear anti roll bar allow the driver to fine tune the handling characteristics.


Fast Facts

  • Reduction of body roll during cornering and hard driving
  • No reduction in damping comfort
  • 2 point adjustable rear anti roll bar
  • Powder coated, heavy-duty steel construction
  • Fits Mini Cooper R56 and also Coupe R58, Clubman R55 and Roadster R59 Models

Part number: 52020016

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