ST XTA Coilovers for Mini R50 and R53

The R50 and R53 Mini Cooper are a favourite platform for modification thanks to their nimble chassis and wide parts availability. Now ST suspensions has a solution to make this great handling platform even better!


Manufactured by KW in Germany, every ST coilover is built to meet the strict German TÜV standard of lowering to ensure maximum quality and safety in all driving conditions. This in turn allows your car’s suspension to be adjusted to its lowest setting without compromising its drivability and usability on the road.

Whether you’re looking to greatly improve your vehicle’s handling or achieve the perfect stance, the ST XTA coilover is the perfect solution. Once fitted the ST XTA coilover allows a lowering of between 20-50mm on each axle. Coupled with adjustable rebound damping and camber adjustable top mounts, the ST XTA allows the vehicle’s look and stance to be greatly improved alongside its handling capability.


The ST XTA coilover for the Mini R50 and R53 comes with all the necessary tools for adjusting the ride height plus a comprehensive instruction manual to make fitting as simple as possible.

Fast Facts
– Manufactured by KW
– Rebound damping adjustable
– Camber adjustable top mounts
– Individually height-adjustable
– Lowering range approved by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV)

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