The Driftenberg Project: Playground Fichtenberg

A few weeks ago, during a stopover by our ST drifter Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni, we came up with the idea to shoot a small, spontaneous video in Driftenberg – sorry – Fichtenberg. Our challenge, we have never made a drift video ourselves before.

In recent years, the level of Drift Videos has been raised pretty much, far, far, high by Ken Block, Mad Mike Whiddett, and Baggsy.


We also do not want to compare ourselves with these videos, we prefer to concentrate on the development and production of our ST suspensions products. Without a doubt we can say that we can do pretty well building coilover kits in here Fichtenberg.

During our filming, Baggsy also introduced two of his “Drift Machines” (Nissan PS 13 and Nissan GTR). And we are pretty familiar with one of the cars – the Nissan GTR has once belonged to the KW car pool.

What started as a bit of a crazy idea, very quickly became reality.

At the beginning of 2008 we imported from Japan one of the first R35 to Germany and in spring of 2017 we shipped the GTR to the UK.

Together with Abbey Motorsport and SB Motorsport, the Nissan was disassembled into its blank shell and upgraded for Steve as a pure “drift show car” with an evil 7.4 liter US V8 (LSX 454) and Garret Turbo and much more.

The GTR is currently making 1200 hp – enough, not just to call the neighborhood in Fichtenberg during our filming. But they know us in Fichtenberg and so half the village was equal to fire and flame not to miss the shoot.

In any case, we have now smelled blood after our first drift video and already play with the idea to make a sequel – maybe one or the other of you like to play as an extra …









Our friend and Drift Buddy Steve Baggsy Biagioni did it again! Somewhere in the middle of Germany he unleashed his Nissan GT R. We supported Baggsy and his team in the forests of Fichtenberg.The best thing, we didn’t damaged the Nissan and Baggsy’s V8 powered GT-R was the highlight of the Essen Motor Show 2018 – to be continued!

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