The ST Height Adjustable Springs (ST HAS) are also now available for your BMW M3 (F80)

In addition to our conventional spring sets, ST suspensions also offer height-adjustable kits for more and more cars. Our ST springs (HAS) are particularly interesting for vehicles that have an electronic damper control.

Our new height adjustable ST springs differ from conventional lowering springs in the fact that they, similar to a ST coilover suspension kit, allow a stepless lowering. Adjusting the lowering is carried out by our height adjustable spring perch.

Our ST height adjustable springs for the BMW M3 sedan (F80) give you the possibility adjusting a lowering from 5 – 25 mm on both axles.

The scope of delivery includes all components such as vehicle-specific bump stops, spanner wrench and dust protection elements as well as the technical component report. The installation can be carried out in any specialist workshop or tire shop and doesn’t take any longer then installing conventional lowering springs.

Photo ST suspensions, private

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