Throwback Thursday: KW Equipped Cars at Wörthersee Show 2014

Wörthersee show is one of the largest gathering of modified vehicles in on the planet.

Since 1981, each year 10s of thousands of VW enthusiasts have made the pilgrimage to Lake Wörthersee in Austria to enjoy the best modified Volkswagens, Audi and VAG Group cars Europe has to offer.

This year was no exception and KW suspension was a top choice for many in attendance. Here are some of or favourites from the show…


More and more of the more prestigious VAG group cars have made an appearance at Wörthersee in recent years and this 991 Porsche is an awesome example


Cars from all over Europe attend to soak up the atmosphere. And the lake is the perfect setting.


Something else we’re seeing more and more commonly are huge brakes from super cars. Check out the Gepfeffert MK6 with orange Lamborghini brakes front and rear!

Wörthersee gains a stronger and stronger following each year, and the modifications are more and more bespoke. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store!

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