Unleashed driving pleasure: the HG Motorsports AMG GT S


Le ro est mort, vive le roi. The king is dead, long live the King! With this attitude of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 2014, the modern gull-wing door AMG  is already on its best way to become an icon, just like the legendary Mercedes 300 SL. But in our opinion, AMG has already sent a new legend on the road long ago. The Mercedes-AMG GT.

The new “Benz” features a lot under its long hood. While the GT with its V8 passes 340 kW (462 hp) to the rear axle from a displacement of 3.982 ccm, the V8 in its even more sporty “GT S” version unleashes 375 kW (510 hp) to the drive axle. And the AMG GT S with its engine speed range of 1750 to 4750 tours ensures a brachial torque of 650 Nm. Since its market launch, numerous refiners and tuners have worked mainly with the GT S.


One of our long-term KW partners in the US is HG Motorsports and the Americans with German roots connect way more with Mercedes than you may think. More than 50 years ago, the grandfather of CEO Dieter-Heinz Kijora moved from Germany to the US. In the team of Max Hoffmann, grandfather Heinz Giez paved the way for Mercedes-Benz in North America. Later, “HG” was chief mechanic at “Augie Pabst Racing”, who for example started with the legendary “wing doors” (300 SL). Recently, the GT S Edition 1 from HG Motorsports played a supporting role in the “Season Opener” of the CNBC show “Jay Leno’s Garage” and also the powerful pictures of the AMG equipped with KW coilover springs were taken there.


Unlike to conventional suspension springs, the KW coilover springs (aka KW height adjustable springs; HAS) allow to adjust a continuous lowering, similar to a coilover kit.


While conventional springs only allow a lowering of about 20, 30 or 40 mm, the KW coilover springs installed from HG Motorsports can be varied in height continuously. With regular springs, this would not be possible. When installing the height-adjustable KW springs, the series dampers remain and also the damper control in the AMG GT can still be used.


The adjustment range at the front and rear axle of the Mercedes-AMG GT S is up to 20 mm. That´s enough to put the 20 and 21-inch HRE rims in scene.


The KW dust protection elements and KW bump stops included in the delivery are always adapted to the lowering. So with the height-adjustable KW springs, a sporty harmonious driving behavior can be realized without that the dynamics at performance-oriented cars suffers.


Finally HG Motorsports gets a top speed of 308 km/h out of the GT S! Furthermore, the Americans have modified the exhaust system with their own downpipes. On their roller dynamometer, the HG Motorsport team has changed the engine control unit to the modified exhaust system and got almost 60 hp more out of the 510-hp V8.


The 670-hp strong AMG GT is still at the beginning of its expansion stage, assures Heinz-Dieter Kijora who also relies on KW coilovers made of stainless steel in many other cars.

Photos HG Motorsports / Easton Chang Photography / Carninja


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