Upgrade your driving pleasure: KW Variant 3 out now for all KIA Stinger

Our KW coilovers are one of the most popular alternatives in the aftermarket for stepless adjustable suspensions. The best-selling coilover suspension for many years is the KW Variant 3, with two-way performance adjustable dampers that can be set independently in compression and rebound damping stages.

For years, we have been producing the Variant 3 which is made of stainless steel, using our experiences in customer motor sport”, says KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. “As one of the few suspension manufacturers for sporty accessories, we put a great importance to the fact that our Street Performance suspensions even convince demanding drivers and they do not have to accept any compromises in driving dynamics and driving comfort.

The Variant 3 is now also available for the current KIA Stinger (CK) and it gives the Korean Gran Turismo a more sporty driving behavior without forgetting about the ride comfort.

The desired lowering can be adjusted within the tested range according to the technical component report by 25 – 45 mm. The Variant 3 is available for all KIA Stinger with or without four-wheel drive.

Conventional suspension technology offers more setup options

For the Variant 3, we do not use our adaptive damper technology, but we continue to rely on a proven and conventionally adjustable valve technology”, continues Johannes Wacker. “So drivers also have the option to set an individual damper setup for changed wheel/tire combinations. This would not be possible with adaptive series dampers.


If the KIA Stinger is equipped with adaptive dampers from factory, the delivery content of the KW coilovers Variant 3 includes a so-called cancellation-kit for the series dampers as a plug&play-solution. During installation, the cancellation-kit is connected with a compatible connector and except for the electronic damper control, all assistance and dynamic systems of the KIA Stinger remain active.

Through the integrated click dial directly on the stainless-steel housing, the damping force can be adjusted in twelve click stages so that less pitching and rolling movements occur. In addition, a higher compression level on the front axle supports an even more direct steering and on the rear axle it counteracts oversteering. Especially drivers of sports cars that rave about the KW suspension technology. The technical background is the use of two-stage compression stage valves in the KW Variant 3.

Even at a closed compression stage, a preconfigured high-speed compression valve opens when driving over bumps or transverse joints, so that the wheels can dive in and a damping without performance loss. “This way, with our valve technology from motorsport, we prevent the typical springing of the wheels and rocking of the bodywork that always occurs with poorly adapted suspension systems.

Regardless of this, the KW Variant 3 also allows to individually adjust the rebound stage with 16 clicks to be able to take further influence on the handling characteristics and the driving comfort of the KIA Stinger.

With a lower rebound force the comfort increases, while with an increased rebound force the handling is further increased and the bodywork vibrations are reduced. At very high speeds, this is mainly noticeable by the better road holding and the direct handling of the KIA Stinger.

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