Hunting Ferraris: A BMW M3 tailormade for the Nordschleife!

BMW M3 E92 KW Clubsport Photos EuroTuner Europe

The BMW M3 E9x series was the one and last only M3 with a high-revving V8 engine. Although there was a 450 hp BMW M3 GTS (E92) for the road, but the E92 GTS is so rare that most fans mourn the 420 hp M3.

BMW M3 E92 KW Clubsport Photos EuroTuner Europe

Serkan Y. from Switzerland modified his M3 with a KW coilover kit, because his goal is to hunt down Ferraris at the fabulous Nurburgring Nordschleife!

Hard to believe? Maybe you’ve never driven a car with our KW Clubsport kit at the Nordschleife. For the M3 we developed our famous KW Clubsport Kit in a 2-way and 3-way adjustable option.


Okay, you could probably also be fast with a KW Variant 3 at the race track if you tried, but with our KW Clubsport suspension you will be undoubtedly faster! If you don’t know which KW suspension is the perfect suspension for your ride, we will show you some quick facts.


At the first glance the KW Clubsport 2-way and the popular KW Variant 3 suspension are only distinguished by the adjustable top mounts.

Both coilovers are made of stainless steel, also known as “KW inox-line” with their unique independently adjustable rebound and compression forces gives you the opportunity to setup the compression with 12 clicks.


Our Variant 3 and Clubsport coilovers also gives you the possibility to adjust the rebound with 16 clicks for an individual damper setup . But, that’s only half the story. The springs and damper shims of the Variant 3 and our Clubsport suspensions are from two completely different worlds. For instance we are using for our Variant 3 progressive springs and the damper package is developed for sporty street driving. On the other hand our KW Clubsport Kits are made for drivers who are addicted at track days. The dampers and springs are designed for semiprofessional race driving.

BMW M3 E92 KW Clubsport Photos EuroTuner Europe

But no worries, with our KW coilovers we offer a variety of options so you can always go as wild as you want!

BMW M3 E92 KW Clubsport Photos EuroTuner Europe

If track days are the only thing you have on mind we also offer the KW Clubsport 3-way kit (adjustable in rebound, low speed and high speed compression) for your BMW M3 or you can also install one of our true motorsports solutions from our KW Competition line!


The 2014 VLN Champion, Team Derscheid, is also using our KW Competition Kits, like so many others suchs as BMW Alpina, BMW Studie AG, BMW Schubert and so many others worldwide.

BMW M3 E92 KW Clubsport Photos EuroTuner Europe

Alongside the KW coilover kit Serkan has also outfitted his M3 with 18″ ATS Motorsport rims, StopTech brake kit and at the rear he mounted a cup wing for the needed downforce.

BMW M3 E92 KW Clubsport Photos EuroTuner Europe

Inside you will see the finishing touches to the cockpit include a set of Recaro bucket seats, Schroth harness and a roll cage. Maybe Serkan will update the cage with side bars too. And by the way this BMW M3 is “Mr. Vasquez approved!”.

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