VIDEO: Rauh WELT Porsche 993 equipped with KW Variant 3

In recent years Rauh WELT Begriff has become synonymous with Porsche tuning in Japan. Focusing on older models such as the 964, RWB take inspiration from classic race and GT3 cars to create bespoke models that boast super-wide wheels, twin-level spoilers and stripped interiors. Naturally, this super-cool style of Porsche tuning is now spreading beyond Japan – the most recent creation coming from LTMW in Los Angeles…

RAUH-Welt RWB Los Angeles Short Interview from MASCUNANABEAR on Vimeo.

Every creation from RWB president Nakai-san is different from the last, taking all kinds of aspects into consideration – age, model, country and many more. For the latest 993 Porsche model Nakai-san headed to Los Angeles to help with the finishing touches, opting for a Riviera Blue paintwork along with super-low ride height courtesy of KW Variant 3 coilovers. Check out the video from to see the finished Porsche in all its glory!

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