VIDEO: Team Japspeed @ BDC Round 1

KW Automotive is proud to support a wide range of motorsports, from traditional circuit and sprint right through to Hillclimb and 24 hour endurance racing. One of the newest and most-exciting forms of motorsport is drifting – the art of powersliding a car around a track with millimetre precision, often at speeds exceeding 100mph! With tyres smoking and competitors drifting door-to-door at speed it’s not hard to see why it’s increasing in popularity, and in the UK Team Japspeed are one of the biggest and best teams competing.

Running two Nissan S15s and a Subaru Impreza (converted to RWD with a Toyota 1JZ engine up front) Team Japspeed have recently switched to KW Competition suspension to give them the winning edge over their rivals. Despite the sliding nature of the sport, drifting actually requires a huge amount of grip to ensure the cars remain predictable and controllable at speed. Check out this great video from the team @ Round 1 of the British Drift Championship earlier in the month, and make sure you follow their progress over at

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