2020 Geneva Teaser: KW @ 90th International Motor Show

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport @ KW booth 2019

Things you missed at the 90th Geneva International Motor Show (Hall 2, booth 2042) at our booth; cause of the “Corona Pandemia” …

KW automotive has already developed 16 different damper valve technologies and one of its latest innovations is the KW Variant 5.

This new kind of damping system is based on KW solid piston technology which the German manufacturer uses for the latest generation of GT3 race cars and adapted this multivalve technology for sophisticated drivers in high-performance road cars.

Further, KW has also extended its program of various shocks for professional motorsports that includes 5-way, 4-way, 3-way, and 2-way adjustable racing dampers.

Also new are the KW Variant 4 coilover suspension kit for the BMW M5, the Variant 3 for the Tesla Model 3, height adjustable springs for the Audi RS6 Avant, and an adaptive KW DDC coilover suspension kit for VW Tiguan II.

Already various car manufacturer are a customer of KW automotive and many sportscars are equipped from factory with KW dampers and coilover kits.

In addition, KW automotive will launch an extensive customization program for its ST suspensions brand in March 2020, and is constantly expanding its range of coilover suspensions, coilover springs, and other suspension components.

KW Competition – 5-way, 4-way, 3-way and 2-way full adjustable motorsports shocks

For the first time at the Geneva International Motor Show KW automotive will showcase its new 5-way full adjustable racing shocks. The “KW Competition TTSP35 5A TwinTube Shock” features adjustability in lowspeed and highspeed rebound and compression (18 clicks of adjustability each) and 12 clicks for the blow-off valve.

The new KW solid piston design with its modular KW valve technology allows specific damping characteristics with the use of various main valves and spring configurations and provides a large achievable damping force range of 1500N to 12000N. By connecting the valves in series, we achieve a cavitation-free function at a low gas pressure and our development has a precise high-frequency function due to the low valve lift.

The entire system ensures low hysteresis and direct response in damping. The 5A shock is suitable for all types of non-wheel-guiding axle constructions such as double wishbones or pushrod suspensions.

The wide KW Competition racing program includes further 4-way, 3-way, and 2-way adjustable racing dampers.

Here, the manufacturer produces the vehicle-specific motorsport dampers and complete suspension kits as homologated series developments for numerous GT3-, GT4-, TCR- and Cup-vehicles or even as individual production for different race cars.

KW Variant 5 – the innovation of coilover suspension kits for the next generation of ride quality

Compared to the conventional coilover suspension kits, shocks, and sports suspension kits in the OEM industry and the aftermarket, KW relies on its successful state-of-the-art motorsports suspension technology, with a modular solid piston damping system. By connecting the valves in series, KW achieves a cavitation-free function at a low gas pressure and a precise high-frequency function due to the low damper valve lift.

The entire system ensures low hysteresis and direct response in damping which has never been achieved in the aftermarket industry. The V5 shocks react immediately, even with small spring travel, fast steering movements, and minimal bumps.

The V5 shocks react immediately, even with small spring travel, fast steering movements, and minimal bumps. The KW V5 can also be independently adjusted with 14 exact clicks in the low and high-speed damping forces of the compression and rebound stages. They can also be used to continuously lower the vehicle.

Besides, the solid piston technology used by KW in the Variant 5, with separated valves from the working tube, offers further value, such as an installation position for different axle geometries, or fully active suspension systems can be implemented.

KW Variant 4 – 3-way adjustability for increased ride quality

With its 3-way high-performance dampers, the KW Variant 4 coilover suspension is the ideal performance upgrade for the BMW M5. The new suspension combines the advantages of a damper technology developed for motorsport with a significant increase in cornering stability, roll tendency and ride comfort. Besides a continuous lowering, the coilover kit with its separate 3-way damper force adjustment gives an even more precise steering behavior.

The pre-configured performance adjustment of the Variant 4 can be adjusted intuitively to a more comfort-oriented setup for the road. The adjustment is independently possible in rebound damping as well as low speed and highspeed compression damping. The Variant 4 suspension kit will soon be available for further models in the sports cars and super sports cars segment.

Adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilovers for VW Tiguan II

Globally no other vehicle segment is growing as fast as Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Many new car buyers are increasingly opting for SUVs, and the demand for aftermarket wheels, sports suspensions, and other accessories has correspondingly increased. KW automotive, the German suspension manufacturer, has developed coilover suspensions with electronic damper adjustment for many SUVs.

For the popular VW Tiguan II (Type 5N), KW now launches its adaptive KW DDC plug&play Coilover Suspension kit. The kit, is made of stainless-steel, combines a dampening control via the onboard OEM system with the possibility of stepless lowering. As part of the parts appraisal, a lowering of 35 – 55 millimeters can be set on both axles.

Height adjustable springs from KW suspensions: Upgrade for the optional Audi RS sport suspension plus in the latest RS6

English Subtitles included

KW automotive, has already developed height adjustable springs for the recently released new 2020 Audi RS6 Avant (C8, Type F2). With these springs it is easy to transform the optional „RS sport suspension plus with dynamic ride control“ to a height adjustable coilover suspension kit with the feature of an independent lowering to a nice full looking performance stance.

Once the adjustable spring perches and spring sleeve kits are installed with the KW suspension springs, it’s easier to adjust an approved lowering between 5 – 30 millimetres. The rates of the KW height adjustable springs (KW HAS) are improving the sporty ride comfort and driving dynamics of the Audi RS6 (C8, Type F2) and also harmonize with each damping mode of the adaptive Audi RS sport suspension plus (DRC).

KW Classic suspensions: Modern suspension technology for classic cars and young classics

For several classic cars and old classics, the renowned suspension manufacturer KW offers the right suspension for every demand.

In addition to suspensions for historic motorsport and depending on the classic car, the KW delivery range also includes Clubsport applications for regular trackdays with semi-slick tires and suspensions for the road.

The different suspensions are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or steel, depending on the vehicle-specific application.

Depending on the application, the high-performance dampers used, feature different valve technologies for an independent adjustment of the compression and rebound damping or via the forged spindles at BMW and Porsche models (BMW E30, Porsche 911 F- and G-model), which make the installation easier and are a real cost saving.

Besides that, the suspensions offer the possibility of an individual lowering and come with a technical component report.

Tuning for your suspensions: ST suspensions initiates Customizing Program for its products

Whether direct from the car manufacturers or through the international accessories and aftermarket industry – there are no limits in the individualization of an automobile. Whether its rims, brake calipers, aero-parts and others, for years these components can be ordered in different colors and variants.

From now on, this is a possibility for suspension components. For a small service fee, the mainsprings of the ST Coilover suspensions and ST Coilover springs can be ordered in individual color coatings.

A choice of numerous different colors is now available for the market launch. The desired color can be conveniently ordered from the ST Online Shop or directly from ST specialist dealers.

In addition to different colors, it is also possible to order the suspension springs with customized text.

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