2023 Grand National Roadster Show

The Grand National Roadster Show was a great kickoff to commence Belltech’s 40th anniversary. Amongst the many Hot Rods and Muscle Cars, you could find Classic Trucks and Vans 1998 and older as part of this year’s theme, “Keep On Truckin’.”

If you walked around the show, you would be able to recognize some Belltech icons. Some builds are as notable as Mark Oja’s Tribute Truck. This 1991 Chevy 1500 pays homage to the original Belltech truck that was displayed at the SEMA show in 1990.

Belltech’s booth in the Featured Building had t-shirts, pins, and posters featuring the Tribute Truck for purchase. You can still purchase them and other merchandise on our website or at upcoming Belltech events throughout the year.

A recognizable iconic Belltech truck was spotted at Hot Rods by Boyd’s booth: 1989 GMC Chopped OBS. You’ll have more appreciation for this truck after you learn its history by watching this video by Auto Revolution.

Another iconic build is David Bacher’s 1991 Chevrolet Pickup. This award-winning truck was originally a display truck for a Chevy dealership. The picture frame next to the front tire showcases the truck at the 1991 Hot Rod Super Nationals, where the purple circle graphics were recently applied. If you’re interested in the class results of the Grand National Roadster show, click here.

If you want to submit your own iconic Belltech build visit our website here.

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