Adaptive KW DDC coilover kit for air-cooled Mletzko 911

Makes more than 270 km/h top speed – the 911 Mletzko

For decades, the Porsche 911 is and remains a beautiful and timeless sportscar. For purists, the Porsche 911 master pattern, or rather F-model built from 1963 to 1973, is the one and only Porsche.

The Porsche-enthusiast Dirk Lührmann fell in love with the 911 Porsche models quite early. It all started with an original Porsche 2.7 RS when Lührmann was only 13 years old.

Porsche 911 Targa (F-Model)

After several successful years as an entrepreneur, Dirk Lührmann’s passion for air-cooled Porsche cars made him accept new challenges. Together with some good friends, he started to make his dream of building an old Porsche with modern, up-to-date technology come true.

More than 700 parts and components have been newly developed

With the Mletzko 911 built only in small series, the Porsche-enthusiast even made other “Backdate-911” cars look small. The air-cooled Mletzko is state-of-the-art and indeed on another level compared to other Backdate cars.

Because anyone can do classic and vintage cars, and at Mletzko they went a few steps further. Many, many steps further. During the several years of development, more than 700 new parts were developed. All of which fit harmoniously, aesthetically, and, even more importantly, functionally into the overall picture. There is no room for compromise at Mletzko.

At first glance, the Mletzko appears to be a lowered F-Model with widened body and oil flap.

Every component has been developed in close cooperation with the TÜV Nord. This also includes the complete Porsche 964 chassis, which has been removed to the core for the Restomod-rebuild. Even the side frames were cut out, so the overall chassis reflects the timeless look of a Porsche 911 F-Model.

What can’t be seen: Except the roof and doors, the Porsche 964 chassis has completely been rebuilt from carbon fiber.

The standard electrics have been replaced by a new cable harness including CAN-BUS system, as well as new board electronics with integrated LED illumination.

Depending on the customer demands, Mletzko installs classic Recaro seats, Sportster CS seating or Pole Position seat shells. Basically, the dashboard has been redesigned to fit today’s modern style compared to the classic Porsche design.

Mletzko spends more than 150 working hours to design the optimal controls and instruments for the best performance. That’s why the Mletzko is now equipped with tyre monitoring display, service interval display and even a fountain solution display.

All devices have a digital lighting, new dials and a current stepmotor, as well as new boards.

Also, the headlights and indicators are brand new. They have not only been adapted to the new body shape of the car, but also do not use diffusing lenses anymore. On the rear of the car, we can expect even more amazing features.

For example, the rear windscreen has no heating wires, whereas Mletzko removed the rear windscreen wiper. Instead, they added a light engine cover made from carbon fibre, as well as a cover grill made from aluminium.

When lifting the carbon engine cover with the hinges made from adonised aluminium, one can get a first look at the air-cooled six-cylinder engine freed from any visible cables.

The 17-inch “Fuchs” light-alloy wheels are produced only in small series.

Basically, the boxer-engine with its new pistons, connection rods made from titanium, manifold, cylinder valves and a lot more features can be seen as a completely new built engine with an amazing torque curve.

The Mletzko engine is available as 3.9l and 4.0l version with 345hp or rather 369hp making it one of the most powerful air-cooled six-cylinder engines with TÜV approval.

With its shortened six-stage gear box out of the Porsche 993, the Mletzko simply invites for some driving fun – every day.

Semi-active KW suspension technology as used in the Rimac Nevera Hypercar

Hidden in the purple housing on the left-hand side, is our high-performance suspension control unit

For the Mletzko 911, we developed a semi-active DDC coilover kit including suspensions control unit and modern sensor technology. The coilover struts are made from galvanized steel.

The Mletzko DDC coilover kit has unibal top-mounts and offers the option to lower the car, just as any other coilover kit does. In addition, one can choose different driving modes by simply pressing a button. But there is more to the coilover kit than that:

The intelligent KW suspension control unit processes data in real-time, which includes vertical wheel acceleration, steering angle, and vehicle speed. Using this data, the intelligent KW control algorithms adapt the electromagnetic, proportional damping valves within only 6-10 milliseconds to the ideal damping setup, depending on the driving situation.

We use the same adaptive suspension technology as for our OE-customer Rimac Automobili. For numerous customers of the automotive industry, we offer the complete product range of hydraulic, electronic, sensors, control units and damping control system from one single source.

Regarding the artificial intelligence for suspension control, we work closely together with the IDA Heilbronn at their campus in Künzelsau and develop new technologies for the automobile industry and aftermarket.

Without falsifying the Restomod driving characteristics, the KW DDC coilover kit gives modern driving dynamics to the Mletzko with its short wheelbase. The sports car with a weight of 1145 kilograms has a very precise steering behaviour, even in the “comfort mode”.

Even when you flat-out, the traction is way better and the driving modes “comfort”, “sport” as well as “sport +” completely change the driving dynamics of the Backdate car.

Like no other Restomod based on a Porsche 964, the Mletzko perfects the balancing act between sportscar and everyday use. Learn more about the Mletzko 911 Porsche directly at

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