Adaptive Stance for BMW 2-series: KW DDC plug&play coilovers


The adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilover kit is an intelligent retrofit solution for the BMW 2-series Coupé which is fitted with adaptive M suspension. In addition to adjustable lowering, the electronically adjustable KW suspension allows for a sportier damping setup or a more comfortable ride at the push of a button.


“When choosing the sport mode, the BMW 2-series feels much more direct and agile with the DDC coilovers “, explains KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. “If that’s too sporty for the road condition, simply press the orignal BMW button and within five milliseconds, the KW damper will switch ride mode to comfort.” This is possible with the adaptive KW DDC technology and electromechanical valves.


The KW DDC is compatible with the original BMW driving electronics which means that no modification of the OE electronics is nescecary. “The complete suspension control works via the original sensors which in turn control the KW valves. To install the suspension kit, simply replace the standard suspension with the KW suspension and the KW DDC connectors can be connected to the original plugs. 


“The KW suspension works in harmony with the original BMW control and “It works so quick and harmonicaly, that you can hardly notice it in everyday use” said Johannes Wacker.


The ride height adjustment of the adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilovers comes via the dirt-resistant KW trapezoid thread on the stainless steel strut and the rear axle height adjustment collars. The German TÜV tested adjustment range on the 2-series allows a continuously adjustable lowering of 25 to 50 millimeters on both axles.


The adaptive KW coilover kit is also available for the BMW M235i, with a German TÜV-tested “Stance adjustment” at the front axle of 10 to 35 millimeters and 5 to 35 millimeters on the drive axle.

Fast facts:

– individual German TÜV-approved height adjustment 25 – 50 mm on both axles (BMW M235i 10 – 35 mm front axle and 5 – 35 mm rear axle)

– compatible with the OEM adaptive suspension

– out now for every BMW 2-series (Type F22) Coupé with DCC suspensions

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