AL-KO Damping Technology becomes part of the KW automotive Group

Since July 30, 2021, AL-KO Damping Technology has been under the umbrella of the KW automotive Group. We can already say that 2021 is a historic year for us at KW.

Back in January, the off-road racing damper manufacturer, Reiger Suspension, became part of the KW family. Motorsport customers of Reiger Suspension have dominated the Dakar Rally for years.

In December 2020, our state-of-the-art logistics center at the headquarters in Fichtenberg (Germany) was successfully integrated into ongoing production, and has been running at its full capacity since 2021.

Since June 2021 is BBS also part of the KW automotive Group.

Another historic event for our company occurred recently in June 2021 with the addition of alloy wheel manufacturer, BBS, to the KW automotive Group.

End of July 2021 comes our next major event. AL-KO Damping Technology is now a division of the KW automotive Group. As a result, we are growing by two additional locations.

With a batch size of one, KW automotive manufactures its various suspension brands KW suspensions, ST suspensions and ap sportfahrwerke with a batch size of one.

Compared to others in our market, we in Fichtenberg are unique in that we design and manufacture highly complex suspension systems with a batch size of one during ongoing operations. Simply said, we manufacture every coilover suspension and coil springs individually for our worldwide customers.

But not only that: with our ST suspensions brand, our end consumers and dealers can personalize their ST products. Our customers can order their ST coilover suspension kits and height-adjustable ST springs customized. They can choose from 18 RAL colors as well as add text. It’s simple to customize the coil spring look!

Appreciating our innovative spirit, our customers know that we’re consistently go the extra mile in everything we do.

BMW Motorsport also relies on KW suspensions in GT3 racing. Pictured here is the new 2022 BMW M4 GT3.

Alongside our strong commitment to motorsport, such as equipping current GT3 race cars with our KW Solid Piston Technology, we are a full-service supplier for the most demanding automotive and even vehicle dynamics projects:

In cooperation with DLR (German Aerospace Organisation), KW automotive is developing a sophisticated suspension control system with artificial intelligence.

At KW automotive, we can provide damping hydraulics, self-learning control algorithms including semi-and full active suspension control, required sensory technology, valve technologies and analytical methods, for example with our modern 7-post rig, from one single source.

In our factory at our headquarters in Fichtenberg, we already have a vertical range of manufacture of 95 percent for our applications of the brands KW, ST and ap Sportfahrwerke and produce them directly here in Germany.

Adaptive KW suspension combined with KW Solid Piston Technology.

This high production depth in Fichtenberg will additionally benefit from simplified and strengthened supply chains through the two new AL-KO Damping Technology production facilities.

The assimilation of AL-KO Damping Technology in the KW automotive Group will create numerous synergy effects.

In addition, AL-KO has decades of expertise in industrial manufacturing. In the future, we will use this know-how to open up new market segments with new suspension components and products, while at the same time offering AL-KO’s existing customers innovative products with unique KW engineering.

By adding AL-KO Damping Technology business unit, we are expanding our core competence in the development, production and sale of technologically sophisticated suspension solutions now with the possibility of an industrially manufacturing process.

As a result of the two AL-KO factories we are now able to manufacture vibration dampers and adaptive complete chassis on an industrial scale. We are now even more broadly positioned for the future in the KW automotive Group.

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