Not in the mood for a DDC? This is how you easily decommission your adaptive damper control

A KW electronical suspension cancellation kit (ESC module) is included in the scope of delivery when buying a KW coilover kit for a car with adaptive OEM shocks. At ap sportfahrwerke and ST suspensions, those cancellation kits need to be ordered separately

You bought a second-hand VW Golf 6 (1k) or a 4-series BMW (F32, F33) with electronic chassis control, but the serial shocks are becoming increasingly brittle and chapped?

Here you see an adaptive oem strut in a 3-series BMW (F30). At the bottom right the electronically adjustable proportional valve for damper control is located

An original suspension with adaptive damper control or electronic damper adjustment isn’t an option. Especially when the car owner wants to lower their car.

Those that like to drive their car on racetracks should have a closer look at our KW Clubsport applications (Photo: Michel Truong)

Installing only a set of lowering springs is definitely not the best idea if you want to improve your driving dynamics together with an maximum drop. In the end, the serial coilovers aren’t made for lowering, which can result in higher wear when installing the spring kit.

Removal of the adaptive MacPherson strut

When simply replacing an adaptive OEM MacPherson strut with a coilover kit without any adaptive damper control, things become thrilling. Due to the adaption of active steering, the throttle response, ESP control, and many more aspects, an error or an emergency program may occur and all of those functions can be in error mode.

If a KW ESC module is installed, all driving dynamic programs of the respective automobile manufacturer can be further used and are working. Only the adaptive function doesn’t work anymore

A modification via a software hack doesn’t always work in the long term. We often got feedback that the coded-out error message popped up with every service reset. But is it not possible to install a coilover kit? Yes, it is.

The most obvious option would be to decide on an adaptive coilover kit such as our KW DDC plug & play.

On the left you can see the KW DDC plug&play coilover kit, on the right, there is the serial DDC strut

Suppose a so-called adaptive DDC coilover kit is not in your budget or you want to regularly visit race tracks, or another coilover kit suits you better, we recommend our KW electronical suspension cancellation kits (ESC modules).

We sell our KW ESC modules to everyone who wants to deactivate their adaptive or semi-adaptive chassis control system

The KW ESC modules or KW cancellation kits are coils and electronic resistors connected to the damper control’s original suspension plug connection.

At our headquarter in Fichtenberg, we have a production depth of almost 95 percent – the ESC modules are made here as well

When installed, the kits simulate the resistance in the adaptive oem shock absorbers at the electronically adjustable damper valves in the respective coilover setting.

The provided edge clips/cable ties at the body edge need to be mounted behind the wheelhouse’s inner shell. It is important to use the right interlock of the plugs

What’s cool about our modules is, that all dynamic programs, such as shifting ratios within automatic transmissions, active steering, ESP control, original exhaust flap control, and many more driving mode adjustments are still work.

The KW electronic suspension cancellation kits are basically vehicle-specific electrical resistors

Small hint: A ESC module for a 3-series BMW (F30) can’t be installed in a 5-series BMW (F10). By the way, those interested in a decent lowering in combination with the original serial coilover kit with electronic damper control should decide on height-adjustable spring kits or coilover kits of our brands, KW and ST suspensions. Those coilovers were explicitly developed for the serial coilover kits of different cars.

Photos: KW

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