An upgrade in driving dynamics for the Mercedes-Benz C-class: KW V3 for the sedan (W206) and station wagon (S206)

Within the Mercedes-Benz C-Klass a lowering of up to 45 millimeters is possible
The parts certificate for the KW coilover kit allows a continuous lowering of 20 to 45 millimeters on both axles

Many automotive enthusiasts have been retrofitting their cars with our KW V3 coilover kits. Also, many Mercedes-Benz drivers decide on our compression and rebound adjustable suspensions. By the way, the serial coilover kit we engineered for the AMG Black Series grounds on the same technology as the KW V3.

Our KW coilover kit is available for the lastest Mercedes-Benz C-class and comes with an included parts certificate
A picture-perfect car: The latest Mercedes-Benz station wagon (S206, C-class) with KW V3 coilover kit inside

For the latest Mercedes-Benz sedan (W206) and station wagon (S206) of the C-class, we launched our KW V3 coilover kit. Similar to its predecessors, the famous Mercedes-Benz middle-class model of the 206 series benefits from the KW multi-valve damper technology in its driving characteristics.

With a KW V3 coilover kit installed, the latest C-class models get a sportier driving characteristic without neglecting comfort. Our OE-coilover kits help themselves to the same technology as those we use in the Mercedes-Benz AMG black series models.

The KW V3 coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz C-class station wagon comes without a spring set because the C-class model has air damping at the rear axle
The scope of delivery of the KW V3 for the Mercedes-Benz C-class sedan with Plug-in-Hybrid (W206)

The KW V3 coilover kit is available for all Mercedes-Benz C-class sedan models (W206) with a hybrid engine and station wagons (S206) with rear-axle drive and conventional combustion engines. Important Disclaimer: When lowering the sedan with Plug-in-Hybrid (W206), the adjustment happens at the coupling rods due to the air dampers ex-works.

KW V3 rear-axle damper for the Mercedes-Benz C-class T-Modell

The T-Modell (station wagon) can be adjusted conventionally via the KW rear-axle spring plates.

Driving dynamic and driving comfort combined: Two things that go hand in hand at KW

The rumor is still widespread that increased driving dynamics decrease riding comfort. With our KW V3 coilover kit, this is not the case anymore.

With a KW V3 inside, the Mercedes-Benz C-class drives sporty without neglecting comfort

With the KW V3, the C-class with maximum lowering drives more harmonically over speed bumps. The highspeed compression valves in V3 open up as soon as high vertical wheel accelerations caused by speed bumps occur. That leads to better deflection of the wheels and more grip on the street.

If you desire a lowered car or a specific coilover setup, you can fulfill your dreams with our KW V3 coilover kit. Depending on the setting, the compression influences the rolling of the chassis and the steering behavior.

With only 12 clicks, an adjustment of lowspeed compression of the KW V3 is possible. The highspeed compression valves are already pre-adjusted. A stiff lowspeed compression setup ensures a proper deflection of the wheels – even when driving in poor street conditions.

Independent of the compression, the lowspeed rebound of the V3 is also adjustable. With 16 clicks, compression is set directly at the piston rod. Closed rebound causes a more direct and sporty handling while open valves cause a more comfortable driving behavior.

Parallel to compression, the rebound stage also has lowspeed and highspeed valves. Those valves only open when there are high rebound stimulations. If this is the case, oil flows through the valves.

With a KW V3 coilover kit inside, the Mercedes-Benz C-class drives significantly sportier and more harmonic than ordinary sport coilovers. Various KW coilover kits for other C-class models, all-wheel-drive cars, and the AMG editions are already in development.

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