At Home with the ‘Block’

low_DF11048Photo: Sean Klingelhoefer

Ken Block’s YouTube videos and its indescribable driving style need little introduction and will be a familiar sight to those with a little too much racing fuel in the blood.

Ken Block sliding under a back hoe for filming Gymkhana. 6

At 46 year’s old the Gymkhana expert is certainly living the #aintcare dream. Between creating mind blowing videos and racing Lewis Hamilton you can find Ken regularly cleaning up at North American Rally Cup meetings or X Games events.


But it’s not all good times and fast cars. Ken’s natural determination saw him found the skate and snowboard label, DC Shoes, in the early ’90s – long before the start of his rally career in 2004. Since 2013 Ken has worked with KW automotive as the global brand ambassador of the ST suspensions range.


KW’s stateside team paid Ken Block a visit at his Hoonigan Racing headquarters. During an ST suspensions photo shoot we took peek behind the scenes. From the outside the home of the “Hoonigans” looks just like any normal warehouse in an industrial area…

low_DSC7528Photo: Sean Klingelhoefer

However, step inside and an immaculate motorsport wonderland awaits. Constructed from shipping containers, the Hoonigan HQ is an architectural dream. The seemingly randomly arranged containers  function as an “in-house roof terrace” as well as kitchen, lounge, meeting points, wellness oasis, home cinema and bathroom!

Photo: Sean Bell HoeferPhoto: Sean Klingelhoefer

All around the building you can see Hoonigan memorabilia and an insight to Ken’s ‘care-free’ sense of humour and attitude which has won him so many fans the world over.

Photo: Sean Bell HoeferPhoto: Sean Klingelhoefer

low_DF11009Photo: Sean Klingelhoefer

Hiding in the board room we spotted a set of the original fifteen52 Tarmac wheels from the Gymkhana videos.

low_DSC7530Photo: Sean Klingelhoefer

Ken Block and the Hoonigan Racing team work closely with the wheel manufacturer, but enough of the interior design, lets look at the vehicle facilities!

Photo: Sean Bell HoeferPhoto: Sean Klingelhoefer

In the Hoonigan Racing shop, there is a vast area for vehicle prep, and to let you into a little secret… there’s a Ken Block x ST suspensions project waiting in the wings! Taking a look at the workshop in which it will be created should provide a flavour of things to come.

Photo: Sean Bell HoeferPhoto: Sean Klingelhoefer

Keeping with the theme, even the Snap-on tool chests are bespoke. During our photo shoot we took a look at Ken Block’s new company car for the Global Rallycross, FIA World Rally Cross, Stage Rallies and Gymkhana Demos, but that’s top secret for now.

Photo: Sean Bell HoeferPhoto: Sean Klingelhoefer

The crazy Ford RaptorTRAX sat waiting in the corner of the Hoonigan Racing HQ, perhaps one of the most extreme support vehicles on the rally circuit!

At last years SEMA show in Las Vegas, Ken Block made himself at home on the KW Automotive booth, signing posters and meeting fans.


We released details of the signing session on the ST suspensions Facebook. 

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