Back on the Pole Position: KW Clubsport kit available for Alpine!

What else have we put off our pocket money for posters from the A110 Berlinette, Renault Alpine and Calberson-Alpine A310 V6 at flea markets? Our all-time hero Jean-Pierre Nicolas, the later team-colleague of Walter Röhrl …

Much more annoying, however, was that today we don’t find the posters not anymore in our parents’ house. The Alpine is back and how:

Mid-engine, short wheelbase, and a suspension with double wishbones. La vie réelle automobile! The reborn Alpine A110 is one of the most interesting sports cars in recent years. KW automotive, the suspension manufacturer, has developed the Clubsport coilover kit specifically for Alpine A110 track day enthusiasts.

The reborn Alpine proves that an engine output of 252 hp is already enough to enjoy a sporty driving experience, with a weight of around 1,100 kg. With its mid-engine, short wheelbase, and dual-wishbone suspension, the new Alpine A110 is a passionate sportscar.

For the already sold-out Alpine “Première Edition”, the suspension manufacturer has developed the KW 2-way Clubsport coilover kit. Once the mid-engined sports car was seen at the Geneva Motor Show we received countless inquiries.

Many of our Trackday partners have ordered the KW Clubsport suspension for the Alpine and some have already secured the limited ‘Première Edition’.

We are the first suspension manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of suspension kits for mid-engined French sportscar and the other Alpine models will available at dealers in the late summer of 2019.

In contrast to conventional suspension, the KW Clubsport differs in its design with linear racing springs and valving for the use of Semi-slick tires.


Due to the driving axle construction with double wishbones, the Alpine A110 does not require any Unibal Clubsport top mounts. With their multi-valve technology, our Clubsport dampers offer the ability to adjust compression and rebound separately to precisely tailor the handling of the Alpine A110 to the racetrack layout and tire stiffness.

With the Clubsport kit, the Alpine is even more direct and controllable on the road, and in the most demanding driving maneuvers. The separate adjustment of compression and rebound settings allows for further adjustments of the ride comfort and handling of the Alpine A110.

As part of the parts report, the coilover suspension allows stepless lowering of 10 – 35 mm. Coming soon as well will be the KW variant 3 for the Alpine A110.

YouTube-Video “Take to the Road”; Fotos KW, Larry Chen (2x)

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