Bad Boss XXL – VW Golf GTI meets Rocket Bunny and 19 x 12″ Wheels!


What can you say? This Golf aready made an huge impact in the “Volkswagen fan baste” at the 2015 Essen Motor Show. At the 2016 Tuning World Bodensee the “JDM-GTI” was shown with an all new look.


The GTI fans are pretty divided when it comes to Sidney’s “Pandem Style Rocket Bunny Golf”. Some find Sid’s GTI just awesome, the others want to take the VW to the scrap yard. Who cares. Taste is simply subjective and this GTI is what people talk about. Mission accomplished? Not at all!


It started all at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015. Sidney met Ken Miura during his trip to Japan and the first plans were made for a completely different Golf. Nowadays the majority of VW Golf Mk7 GTI Fans only put a nice sets of wheels, use some car wrap and install a descent set of ultra low coilovers.


Nine months later our official Japanese KW importer Aki Hashimoto (left on the image), Kei Miura (CEO of TRA Kyoto and Rocket Bunny Mastermind) and Sidney realized their plans at the SEMA 2015 to also offer bolt-on-kits for vehicles made in Germany.


The so called bolt-on fender flares are fender flares that are simply “screwed” or “bolted” on to the original sheet metal fenders. Okay, that is the whole truth, but for many tuning fans of the Mk7 GTI the thought of this along is crazy.


The flare are not only screwed and glued, you do also need to cut the sheet metal beneath them. The GTI by the way is no ordinary Show & Shine car for a parking lot meeting around the block, but Sidney also hits the race track with his Golf.


Sidney relies on a KW Clubsport 2-way coilover suspension with dampers that are independently adjustable in compression and rebound damping. Why not a Variant 3, which can also be individually adjusted in compression and rebound? The answer is simple. The difference between the two KW coilovers is in detail. They differ by spring rates, damper valve assembly and the appropriate suspension design; not to forget the aluminum Clubsport top mounts. So the focus for the Clubsport coilovers is for the regular use of semi slick tires on racetracks where fast lap times are the goal.


In order to also make the GTI a little bit faster, Sid relied on a little engine tuning with Force79 downpipe, stainless steel exhaust system with valve control and a software update. 265 hp is enough for Sid at the beginning.


The rims by the way are multi-part “326 Power Wheels” in 19 x 9,5 and 19 x 12 inches with Toyo R888 semi slicks. If anyone of you wants to get a “Pandem Style Rocket Bunny” body kit for your car, just contact Sidney here in Germany or get in touch with GReddy in the US.


By the way the wide body kits are available also for BMW E36, BMW E46 and for a handful of Japanese car models…

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