Belltech Truck Story Spotlight #4

I have been using Belltech products since 88′.

For 40 years, Belltech has been manufacturing affordable, high-quality components that have been part of truck builds across generations. David B. has been a loyal Belltech customer for over 30 years. He dives in and tells us more about his 91′ Chevy build.

At that time, I had a small shop in central Ohio that did a lot of work on s-10s, Monte Carlos, etc. My passion began because of the versatility and ease of working on trucks. I attended my first SEMA event in the fall of 1989, and my eyes were opened to what was cool on the West Coast. I hooked up with a Chevy dealer that next year and started customizing trucks for them.

David’s build on display at the 2023 Grand National Roadster Show.

We did a handful of S-10s and full-size trucks from lowering, custom paint, etc. We even “borrowed” a few Boyd Coddington-type paint jobs. In the fall of 1990, they asked me to build a new truck for their lot that would turn into the truck I am submitting for the calendar.

I received it brand new and immediately put Belltech components on it. To me, it was a no-brainer Belltech is the best product out there, and then we set about painting it. I designed the paint job myself after being inspired by a 7up can. I used House of Kolors candy purple for the color.

After taking it to a few shows, the dealership sold the truck to a gentleman that lived in my hometown. He kept it for about 25 years, driving it occasionally. We always agreed that when it was time to sell, I would have first dibs, so I bought it about 5-6 years ago, other than wheels and tires and a couple touch-up spots.

There were quite a few memorable moments with the build, but overall, seeing the excitement 32 years after it was built was nice to see; even though it’s not my daily driver. I still would like to attend a few truck specific shows later in the year.

From all of us at Belltech, we thank you and look forward to sharing more of your stories!

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