Best practice: Alfa Romeo Giulia meets KW Variant 3 and more

Thank you, Italy! Thank you for your haute couture. Thank you for your haute cuisine. Thank you for your music from Antoni Vivaldi to Alessandro Scarlatti and Claudio Monteverdi to Adriano Celentano. Thank you for Don Camillo and Peppone and, of course, for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill – and what would all the Asterix comics be without you? No, we won’t thank you for your soccer – you weren’t even at the (soccer) World Cup 2018 and our German team went home right after the preliminary round out of solidarity to you – however, a huge thank you for the rebirth of the Alfa Romeo Giulia!

Gradually, the latest Giulia is becoming one of the most popular mid-size sedans that are currently available, and we’re still not talking about the Quadrifoglio, for which we already offer lowering springs in our ST suspensions label. The Alfa Romeo Giulia (952) is finally an Alfa again, just like an Alfa Romeo should be. Beautiful, sporty and simply irresistible!

The US American Marcus Yu could neither resist the Giulia. As soon as the former tennis pro saw the first pictures of the reborn Alfa Romeo Giulia, he knew the 952 would be his next car! A very good decision, and since last summer, Marcus has been driving his Alfa Romeo Giulia. He regularly posts the sedan on his Instagram profile (lv.223) so that it will be remembered forever.

In mid-October, the American, who now works as a real estate agent, made an appointment at Signature Autohaüs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA). Finally, his coilover had arrived straight from Fichtenberg. The KW coilover enriches the four-door sedan with more direct handling, increased safety reserves at the vehicle performance limits, and is suitable for everyday driving. Of course, we are talking about the KW Variant 3 coilover with independently adjustable compression and rebound.

The brake calipers have already been painted yellow at the factory- anyone who has ever manually painted brake calipers in his or her garage knows what a tedious job this is. Plus, this person will be aware that hardly anyone honors these efforts.

In addition to the KW Variant 3, new wheels came on board for sure. Marcus opted for three-piece Rotiform RSE rims in 9 x 20 inches and 10.5 x 20 inches.

At the front axle, the Nitto Invo tires measure 245/30-20, and at the drive axle, the Nitto G2s measure up to 275/30-20. The KW coilover of course makes the Rotiform wheels look even better.

The exhaust system currently still corresponds to the standard system, thus, for the moment, a simple K&N performance air filter was installed. However, the small gadgets on the body are a real eye-catcher.

The trunk lid is adorned with a carbon fiber spoiler in a similar design to the one of the Quadrifoglio. The exterior mirrors were also given a carbon fiber cover and the scudetto is, as well, kept in black.

In case you are also looking for a KW coilover for your Alfa Romeo Giulia, please visit our homepage and you will find all the technical information on our Alfa coilovers.

Besides our Variant 3 with independently adjustable compression and rebound, the Variant 1 is also available for the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Quadrifoglio drivers who are looking for more than just an ST spring kit can also order a DDC coilover from us. We will keep you up to date on our social media channels.

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