Black. Strong. Evo. KW Solid Piston Technology for Lamborghini Huracán Evo RWD

Novitec refines the Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD with lots of carbon fiber and KW drivability. Variant 5 turns the Evo into an Evo shooter.

Even with super sports cars, we always find room for improvement when searching for better drivability. Together with the renowned tuner Novitec, we have developed suspension innovations for various Lamborghini models, such as the KW coilover Variant 5, which is adjustable in height and damper setup.

The KW Variant 5 coilover kit, which is adjustable in height, is also available for all Lamborghini Huracán models with a standard lift system and it makes no difference whether the suspension, which is made of aluminum alloy, is updated to all-wheel-drive models or to the Huracán variants with rear-wheel drive, such as the Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD.

Available for all Lamborghini Huracán with original lift system: KW coilover kit Variant 5

With the new KW coilover Variant 5, we are taking a completely new approach to the design of the damper. Instead of relying on a conventional single-tube or twin-tube damper, we use a so-called Solid Piston design for the KW suspension, which is adjustable in four ways.

The difference to conventional damping systems is that with the addition of our KW Solid Piston Technology, the working piston is not overflowed by the damper fluid. The piston pushes the oil column in the vibration damper directly into the valve carrier, which is separate from the working chamber. Therefore, we are able to generate much higher damping forces.

JP Performance has been a retail partner of KW for several years

KW’s Solid Piston Technology is rooted in our developments for various GT3 race cars. Recently, our colleagues showed this to our KW specialist dealer JP Fahrstil, aka JP Performance.

Jean-Pierre JP Kraemer and his team are certified KW Performance partners, just like many other dealers. However, there is likely a knowledgeable partner of ours in your area. Simply open the dealer locator on our KW homepage to find out.

Thanks to the Solid Piston Technology, the KW coilover Variant 5 provides much better support for the entire body structure. Even with low spring travel, such as in a Lamborghini Huracán that is quite low, perfect damping is attained.

Separate tuning in the low-speed and high-speed forces of the compression and rebound

In contrast to conventional suspensions, lower spring rates can also be used for the suspension springs, which significantly improves the ride comfort. The damping setup recommended for the Lamborghini Huracán (724) can be adjusted directly on the damper independently in the low-speed and high-speed ranges of the compression and rebound with 13 clicks each.

R = Rebound – the rebound of the KW V5 can be adjusted separately in the high-speed and low-speed range with 13 clicks each

When the rebound valve is opened, the ride comfort increases. When the rebound valve is closed, the pitching and rolling of the body are reduced accordingly. The handling becomes even more direct than in the series. Moreover, the rebound has a direct influence on the de-compression.

C = Compression – on the KW V5, the compression can be adjusted independently with 13 clicks each in the high-speed and low-speed range

The compression also enables further impact on the steering behavior, grip level, and rolling comfort. In simple terms, the task of the rebound is to connect the chassis to the road and to influence the de-compression, while the compression is used to facilitate the tilting of the car. In addition, the compression also supports the body structure.

Small thing, huge effect

Novitec and KW automotive have been working together for decades.

The most important task of a suspension is and always will be to ensure that the tires have grip. Basically, vibration dampers control the compression and de-compression of the suspension springs. However, if the tires lose grip, the driver’s luck is over and even the most sophisticated electronic driver assistance systems can no longer save their lives at that moment.

Hence, the way that the dampers and springs interact has a tremendous influence on the handling. Even a super sports car like the Novitec Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD, which has been selectively refined with carbon fiber and an extremely light exhaust system made of INCONEL, benefits from this.

Novitec’s Huracán is fitted with 9 x 20-inch and 12.5 21-inch forged rims with a central buckle. The tires measure 245/30-20 and 325/25-21. If desired, the rims of light alloy are also available from Novitec in various surface finishes.

In addition to the adjustable dampers, the KW coilover Variant 5 also allows the Lamborghini Huracán to be lowered continuously. 10 to 25 millimeters are possible at the front axle and 15 to 35 millimeters at the rear axle.

Because of the sophisticated damper technology, the lowering has no major impact on the residual comfort. In combination with selected tire compounds, the Huracán even gains in rolling comfort. Find out more about the KW coilover Variant 5 also directly at Novitec.

Images Novitec, KW

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