BMW M2 “Ghost”: The well-known Instagram-BMW looks much better in real life!

What a pleasure to finally see this BMW M2 in person at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. In reality, the M simply works much better than on Instagram. The car simply does not need any Photoshop effects. The best thing about it: Matthew Daul’s M2 (Instagram: M2_Ghost) was the only one far and wide!

Sure, at the SEMA show there were a few BMW M4s and a ’02, E21 and E30 as well as E36, but at the world’s largest aftermarket and tuning show, Bavarian cars are the salt in the soup, and this alpine white painted BMW M2 is like Oktoberfest, Christmas Eve, and Birthday Party all on the same day. Ok, I’m a Bavarian lost in translation. This beautiful BMW M2 is modified to perfection and wearing a PSM Dynamics carbon fiber widebody kit . Matthew told us that he was one of the first customers to order the Widebody.

Before the specialist in nuclear medicine, who lives in Charleston, North Carolina, even had his M2, he ordered the PSM widebody kit. The fender extensions are screwed from the inside. Instead of gluing them together, Matthew used double-sided adhesive tape. “It’s easier to remove them when I’m servicing the brakes.”

At Dynamic Auto Tune, Matthew had the inline six-cylinder engine upgraded with a Dinan turbocharger, Dinan dual-core intercooler, VR Speed Factory (VRSF) intercooler piping, Fabspeed Motorsport downpipe, and Valvetronic exhaust system. Also included were CSF Performance oil coolers, Eventuri air intake, and of course an Eventuri engine cover, which is also made of carbon. The stock fuel pump was replaced by a more powerful one from Spool Performance and the entire Motoronic tuned Wedge Performance on their dynamometer.

At many gas stations in the USA, you can choose how much ethanol (E10, E15, E30, E85) you want in your gasoline. Matthew always fills up his M2 with “E30” and the engine was tuned accordingly. Currently, the N55B30T0 six-cylinder engine has 530 hp in the powertrain, according to the American.

Also, the M2 needs the power in Matthew’s eyes, after all, he is on the racetrack more often throughout the year. That is why the American also relies on Toyo Roxe’s R888R Semislicks in 325/35-19 on the drive axle. At the front axle, they measure 265/35-19.

For the suspension, as it should be different with an M2, Matthew relies on a KW 3-way Clubsport Coilover suspension with three-way adjustable shocks like so many others. The reason? The likable BMW fan regularly drives on racetracks but is also looking forward to driving his BMW every day. After all, this BMW M2 “Ghost” is already his second M2.

The first BMW M2 died in flames and the nuclear medicine specialist suspects that, in addition to a few unfortunate coincidences, an non rolled fender slashed a tire, causing the BMW to crash. It had to be a new M2 after all, Matthew was in a way a die-hard fan for European cars. Before his M2 he drove several years in self-modified Saabs.

A modified M3 strut brace is mounted in the engine compartment to make it easier for Matthew to reach the adjustable top mounts of his KW Clubsport 3-way Coilover suspension. All control arms and coupling rods were replaced with FallLine Motorsports components including PU bushings.

The KW 3-way Clubsport Coilover suspension differs from “everyday Coilover suspensions” with its high-performance dampers with racing valve technology and 3-way damper force adjustment. Every single click of the Clubsport Coilover suspension, which can be adjusted with 14 clicks in the high-speed range and 6 clicks in the low-speed range of the compression stage, as well as the 16 clicks in the rebound stage, are immediately noticeable in the handling of the respective BMW M2.

Within the scope of the parts report, KW 3-way Clubsport, just like the KW DDC ECU Coilover suspension available for the BMW M2, Variant 4 and Variant 3 can be adjusted to a continuously variable lowering of 15 – 40 mm on the front axle and 20 – 45 mm on the rear axle.

Since we offer for example for the BMW M2 besides the KW 3-way Clubsport also a KW Variant 4 as with so many other vehicles, you will find a small feature on our blog. Just click on the upper damper curve diagram.

The mounted 19-inch light alloy rims are not off-the-shelf BBS rims. Matthew ordered so-called BBS “hybrid rims” which were assembled from the components of BBS RT88 and E88 wheels. At the front axle, the extra black powder-coated wheels measure 10,5 x 19-inch offset -7 and at the rear 12,5 x 19 inch offset 5. By the way, the rims could only be mounted by converting them to Future Classic titanium studs and “Macht Schnell” hub adapters.

Clearly, the BMW M Performance Parts accessories made a big hit in the interior, which was freed from the rear seat. The two sports seats are Recaro Sportster CS upholstered with Alcantara and M-Performance lettering by AMX-Performance. Matthew also had the seat consoles “lowered”, as he is slightly larger than average. For the lightweight carbon fiber door panels, he even used BMW Motorsport hardware from the BMW M235i Racing and BMW M240i Racing.

The rear is also a real eye-catcher. No, we are not talking about the Valvetronic four-pipe exhaust or the carbon PSM diffuser, we like the trunk lid much more. After a truck immortalized itself there while parking, Matthew retrofitted a carbon lid from Agency Power. In its lines, the light boot lid reminds us of the timeless BMW M3 CSL (E46) lid.

The alpine white M2 was given the finishing touch with its OSS Design LED front headlights with carbon fiber inner housings, IND Distribution carbon kidney grill, IND side indicators, APR Performance spoiler lip, and Willow Performance exterior mirrors, which can be illuminated in different colors on request. Actually, we planned to shoot Matthews M2 right after the SEMA show in a deserted gold mining town; but unfortunately, you can never really plan in Las Vegas.

Anyway instead, Matthew emailed us a snapshot of his racetrack trips. Soon, he even plans a racetrack coaching with the racing driver and BMW instructor Johan Schwartz, who already achieved three Guinness World Records; e.g. the eight-hour drift in the BMW M5 including “onboard refueling”.

Images Automotiv, private (Instagram: M2_Ghost), KW, Words C. Schmidt

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