BTG-Throwback: A 321 hp BMW M3 is the new “BTG” unofficial record holder on the Nordschleife with 7:22 minutes

Out of the way! Here a BMW M3 jumps to the next unofficial record on the Nürburgring Nordschleife! Maximilian Kurz grabbed the crown as currently the fastest “Bridge-to-Gantry lap time” for a BMW E36 M3 with stock performance (321 hp) and KW Competition racing suspension. In just 7:22 minutes Maximilian conquered the “BTG distance” (19.1 km) from the bridge at the Antonius beech (Antonius Buche, directly after the tourist entry driveway) to the advertising gate on the Döttinger Höhe – with some traffic on the track!

To achieve a good lap time in the Green Hell, you definitely need the right equipment and driving skills. Maximilian bought his used E36 at that time, partly already converted to a little Nordschleife grassroots racer, and further refined the M3.

Although the M3 with its welded-in OMP safety cell with side impact protection was already quite empty, the Bavarian continued to reduce the weight. With a fiberglass bonnet, fiberglass doors and acrylic glass windows (doors, rear, rear window) as well as lighter ProTrack One wheels 17 x 9 inch offset 30 with Dunlop Direzza Semi-slick tires in 235/45-17, his 321 HP strong M3 now weighs under 1300 kilograms.

Nothing was changed in the performance of the engine. Only a SPAL auxiliary fan was added to the standard water cooler and Maximilian is dreaming of an airbox for his S50B32. The exhaust system is a Reuter Motorsport rear silencer and Supersprint X-Pipe system, of course with catalytic converters.

Old image with the factor windows

On the trunk is a BMW Class II rear wing installed. A BMW M3 GT sword “cuts” through the air on the front apron.

Also new is the brake system. After some experiments with a BMW M Performance six-piston brake, among others, Maximilian now trusts a four-piston brake with 330 mm discs and Pagid RS pads on the front axle. The rear axle uses the BMW E46 M3 brake. At the front, new TMS 3D Printing ventilation ducts, including funnels for the brakes were added with a new Recaro bucket seat for Maximilian.

Already installed when Maximilian bought the M3 was the KW Competition racing suspension kit. Due to the continued body weight-reducing diet and the installation of new wishbones from the BMW M3 3.0 (E36) and the whole rear axle with unibal wishbones and so on, the KW Specialty Dealer “Custom Racetec” has fine-tuned the setup of the KW Competition racing suspension in the compression and rebound forces. On a related note, you are sure to find a competent contact person in your area under the dealer search of our KW homepage. We have divided our KW dealer concept into three categories.

KW Dealer Search

You can get our KW coilovers as well as components and suspensions from ap sportfahrwerke and ST suspensions at all KW sales points. For example, if you buy your KW coilover suspension from a certified “KW Importer”.

Picture of an old BMW E36 M3 KW Competition 2A racing shock absorber

The “KW Competition 2A” racing suspensions are actually only a generic term for our 2-way adjustable racing kits. We have the 2A kit available in numerous versions. For example, they are being used in various versions in different racing trophies such as BMW M235i Racing and further series.

Often, all track day enthusiasts also have the challenge of never being alone on the Nordschleife. Driving full battle line is then not possible, of course; you don’t want to endanger yourself and others and you don’t want to lose your grassroots racer who is already at the sector “Hatzenbach”.

Yes, the Green Hell knows no pardon for overestimating oneself. But also, later the Nordschleife takes its tribute and the racetrack sifts out the “wannabe race drivers” at the sections “Schwedenkreuz”, “Ausgang Fuchsröhre”, “Adenauer Forst”, “Brünnchen”, “Eisurve” or “Schwalbenschwanz”. Drive carefully…

Before things really get going again, the Falk differential is also to be revised and Maximilian has planned a few more updates to his BMW M3 E36.

In his eyes, an M3 with production performance has the potential to drive a “BTG time” of less than 7:20 minutes, provided that there will be no traffic at the Nordschleife.

Images privat (Instagram maxiimiliankurz), Neki1_shotssstfoto__, KW

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