Next exit, Le Mans: KW V5 coilover kit for the Porsche Carrera GT

20 years after its market launch, the Porsche Carrera GT is still a fascinating supercar
A Porsche for country roads, highways, the Mulholland Drive, and track days

High-revving V10 mid-engine, 5.7 liters displacement, 612 HP, manual six-speed transmission, and a carbon fiber monocoque. The Porsche Carrera GT (980) was always ahead of its time. According to the media, Porsche only delivered 1270 vehicles from 2003 to 2006. Now, we offer a KW coilover kit for the Porsche Carrera GT: The KW V5.

The KW V5 coilover kit for the Porsche Carrera GT is based on the Displacement Piston principle
In the KW V5 coilover kit, you can manually adjust the damper characteristics. For the Porsche Carrera GT, we also offer the V5 with an optional hydraulic lift system

For the Porsche Carrera GT (980) there are two KW V5 coilover kit designs available: Without a hydraulic lift system or with hydraulic KW HLS lifting cylinders included. The “Hydraulic Lift System” (HLS) has the great advantage that it enables the car body to elevate up to 45 millimeters on both axles.

Via this button the hydraulic lift system is activated
The Porsche Carrera GT ashtray functions as an HLS button with carbon inlay

To overcome steep parking garage ramps, site heels on the street, or speed bumps, the Carrera GT lifts to a certain desired height with our HLS.

The springs of this coilover kit were covered in other colors at the request of former Formula 1 driver Nick Heidfeld
A Porsche Carrera GT with a KW V5 coilover kit and a hydraulic lift system inside. We coated the coilover springs in the colors of the central shutters of the car.

Lift systems without rubber spring bellows like the HLS offer the advantage that the lift system becomes more compact. There are no drawbacks to the spring rate and driving dynamics like systems with airsprings. Also, no retrofitting of compressors or air tanks is required.

In the installed condition, it is noticeable how compact the HLS is. The necessary hydraulic pump unit and the hydraulic tank are the size of a car battery.

Porsche manufactured the Carrera GT from 2003 to 2006
The Porsche Carrera GT (980) was the first serial supercar with a carbon fiber monocoque

The Porsche Carrera GT gains a plus in driving harmonic with our pre-adjusted damper setup, which is highspeed and lowspeed compression and rebound adjustable.

Nick Heidfeld drives with KW coilovers in his Porsche Carrera GT

The KW V5 coilover kit in the Carrera GT dampens minor road irregularities harmonically in the compression. This leads to more relaxing driving behavior. Even when driving over manhole covers, transversal joints, or small street bumps, our coilover kit absorbs concussions reliably – even with short spring travel.

This is the front axle damper of the KW V5 coilover kit with hydraulic lifting cylinder for the Porsche Carrera GT
In the scope of delivery, the springs are colored in KW yellow

It’s no big deal to adjust the KW damper setup for the Carrera GT to make it more comfortable or sportier. For this, the integrated adjustment wheel is located directly at the damper.

We deliver every coilover kit with a pre-adjusted basic setup. In the respective adjustment manual we also offer setup recommendations
Setup recommendations for the KW V5 coilover kit for the Porsche Carrera GT

Individual adjustment of highspeed and lowspeed of the KW V5 coilovers with solid piston dampers within 0 to 13 clicks (14 positions). Position zero means maximum KW V5 damper performance, while position 13 represents minimal damper performance.

There are no overfllowed working piston in the vibration damper within Solid Piston dampers
Generic cross-section of a KW V5 coilover kit with its solid piston dampers

Instead of a standard mono- or twin-tube damper, we bet on the displacer principle (KW Solid Piston Technology) in our damper design. This principle is also used in the current GT3 and GT4 motorsports. Here, we do not use overflowed pistons which is the case in other shock absorbers.

The hydraulic working area enlarges immensely thanks to the compact design. Thus, we can use smaller piston rods which benefit the compression and rebound damping. We control higher hydraulic forces with a completely new valve design. Moreover, within the Solid Piston principle, we separated the valves from the working piston.

Twenty years ago, on dry grounds, the Porsche Carrera GT sped up to 100 km/h in only 3.9 seconds
Hardly any other Porsche series engine was this close to a motorsports engine than the high-revving 5.7-liter V10 mid-engine in the Carrera GT

But there are more arguments for the KW V5 coilover kit with Solid Piston technology: Thanks to the Carrera-GT axle geometry with double wishbone and bellcrank (push rod suspension), no wheel-guiding forces happen with the damper.

The KW V5 coilover kit with hydraulic lifting system and internally ventilated ceramic brake disc
We coated the springs of Nick Heidfelds KW coilover kit in the same colors as the central shutters of the Porsche Carrera GT

In addition, lower spring rates are possible in the KW V5 or other coilovers with Solid Piston Technology because the hydraulic has a higher performance.

Sky-high rotations: The V10 mid-engine has a performance of 612 HP at 8000 revs

No matter which setup and on which street, the Porsche Carrera GT with a KW V5 coilover kit inside drives – the KW coilovers act way more dynamic than the serial coilovers. The entire steering becomes more precise, the handling is more direct, and the Porsche drives safely – even in the limited area. The KW V5 is made for a supercar with real motorsport genetics.

Find competent installation partners on our KW homepage via the dealer search
Via our KW homepage, you will surely find a KW retail partner in your area

In our product range, we offer the KW V5 coilover kit for the Porsche Carrera GT with included parts certificate. Remember to connect with competent installation partners via our dealer locator on our KW homepage.

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