Claudia Robles: From the Ground up with Belltech

Claudia Robles defied the odds to race in the Goodguys Pleasanton Autocross Show. Suffering a major setback last year, when her customized 2006 Chevrolet Silverado single cab was stolen from her home, she was left having to start all over from scratch.

Despite the discouragement Claudia didn’t let that stop her and set out to rebuild and begin anew with a 2005 Chevrolet Colorado single cab and Belltech was there to supply her with a preset dampening height adjustable coilovers, front and rear sway bars, lowering blocks, and a set of Street Performance rear shocks.

Claudia has gone full force and created quite a buzz for herself since having these parts installed and was pleased with the performance the Belltech product added to her truck. When ask how her new truck was working out for her here is what she had to say:

“Since having the kit, I’ve done 4 different events where the truck took on autocross courses, speed stop challenge, drag racing, and road racing is where I really got to put the suspension to the test and I am quite pleased with how well it was doing for being a simple bolt on kit. Overall, I do think this kit is great! I do think it’s a great entry level kit for those looking to improve the handling in their vehicles as well as anyone looking into getting in this sport.  The hardest thing people have trouble finding for their trucks is a decent suspension set up. I know that all too well, having had my Silverado which received the prototype pre-production double adjustable shocks from Belltech last year that made a world of difference.”

The road to rebuilding for Claudia doesn’t stop here as she will continue to work on increasing the performance of her truck and putting her suspension to the test. In fact, she is looking to upgrade her suspension and is wanting to test out some of our new products that will be joining our Performance Handline kit program that include independently adjustable (rebound and compression) front coilovers and rear dampers for her future shows. Please contact Belltech with any further questions. You can also follow along with Claudia on Instagram @diaclow.

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